[HYPIV]Hyper Pivot - LS/WH PvP Corp Looking for members

Hyper Pivot is a fresh USTZ Low-Sec/Wormhole corporation that is looking to grow its membership.

Hyper Pivot’s goals are to make a living in Low-Sec and take PvP action in a “Raiding” capacity. PvP activity will take the form of Low-Class wormhole day-tripping for PvP content and potential eviction/extortion. PvP will also take the form of Null-sec Yeet fleets / ESS Raids, Low-Sec roams, and the Proving Ground “tournaments” (for those that want to participate).

Hyper Pivot is a PvP oriented corporation; Though anyone is welcome - as long as participation in PvP is maintained.

Hyper Pivot is looking for new and veteran players who are looking to get some PvP experience without having to be in a major Alliance or within a massive Null-bloc, and transition into Raiders. The goal of Hyper Pivot is to create a small to medium sized group of well-versed PvP’ers through practice and training. If this interests you, please feel free to apply.

Hyper Pivot also offers new players resources to help them make more ISK, learn more about the game, and experience what EVE has to offer.

Requirements for Joining Hyper Pivot:

  • Omega Status
  • Willingness to participate and engage in PvP activities
  • Willingness to learn
  • Working Mic
  • Generally not a douche

What Hyper Pivot Offers:

Þ Mentor/Training Program for new players
Þ Free Skill book Packs and Skill Plan assistance
Þ SRP on Approved Ops
Þ Free Ships on Approved Ops
Þ High-Sec & Low-Sec Ore Buyback (locally)
Þ PI Buyback (locally)
Þ Training Resources for PvP, PvE and Market Trading
Þ PVE content (limited during PvP ops/activities)
Þ Wormhole Day-Tripping Ops (PvP and PvE)

Join http://discord.hyperpivot.space to speak with a recruiter!

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Kim Jong EEVE Approves

We are still looking for new and veteran pilots who are looking to improve their PvP skills through small/nano gang fights in Wormholes and Low-Sec!

Join our discord to speak with a recruiter today!

Still looking, and growing. Public roam tomorrow night - PM if interested.

We doing Ricardo tonight!

Join our Discord for more info!!

Ricardo roam was fun, thanks all for joining!

Will have some more activities next weekend - stay tuned for more here!

If you’re interested in joining, or “trial’ing” Hyper Pivot, reach out on our discord!

Doing more stuff this weekend / week. Hop on discord for a chat to find out more!

We do stuff.

Still looking for more hungry PvP pilots! We are actively recruiting.


We are still actively recruiting PvP focused players!

HYPER PIVOT Presents!!!

Amateur Hour at the Apollo every Wednesday at 3:00 EVE Time!

Reach out for details!

Come join us tomorrow night for Amateur Hour at the Apollo!

Join Discord to find out more!

AEEYYYY - Join us and pew pew things.


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