[HYPIV] Hyper Pivot - LS/WH LFM PvP Pilots!

ATTENTION: Pilots of all Skill Levels

Are you looking for a USTZ Low Security-based Pirate corporation who’s intents are to get kills and have fun while doing it? Are you tired of the stiff nature of some corporations/alliances, and are looking for a group of guys to shoot the sh*t with?

So who are we?

Hyper Pivot is a fresh Low Security corporation that is looking to grow its membership. We strive to leave Bloc-style PvP and the big wars behind to make a living in Low-Sec and take PvP action in a “Raiding” capacity. We focus on Regional control operations, “No-strings” PvP, public outreach and newbro instruction.

While PvP oriented, anyone is welcome so long as they have a thirst for kills and a willingness to be a part of a fantastic community!

Hyper Pivot is looking for new and veteran players who are looking for good fights without having to be in a major coalition. The goal of Hyper Pivot is to eventually form a decent sized group of well-versed PvP’ers through regular content and a leadership team that is just as eager to fight as you are. If this interests you, please feel free to apply.

Hyper-Pivot also offers new players resources to help them make more ISK, learn more about the game, and experience all aspects that EVE has to offer.

What Hyper-Pivot Offers:

Þ PvP Content for All Skill Levels

Þ Mentor/Training Program for new players

Þ Free Skill book Packs and Skill Plan assistance

Þ SRP on Approved Operations

Þ Alliance-level Fleet Operations

Þ Free Ships on Approved Operations

Þ High-Sec & Low-Sec Ore Buyback

Þ PI Buyback

Þ Training Resources and Programs for PvP, PvE and Market Trading

Þ PVE content

Þ Wormhole Day-Tripping Ops (PvP and PvE)

Þ Hauling services

Join http://discord.hyperpivot.space/ to speak with a recruiter!


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