HYPER PIVOT into content! [Low-Sec] [PvP] [USTZ]

Hyper Pivot is recruiting players of all skill levels!

Our corp focuses on a wide range of content, from piracy in lowsec, FW raiding, to utilizing wormholes to find targets. We are a pvp oriented corp, comprised of veterans who want to show new players the reigns, and grow them into combat ready pilots.

Our zkill: Hyper Pivot | Corporation | zKillboard


Lowsec content - piracy, roaming, looting and ransom

FW raids as a neutral party to either help or hinder empire factions

Wormhole day tripping and fights

Newbro Mentorship - learn the game from 15+ year veterens

Stratop alliance level fleet content

Industry and isk making opportunities

Guides and tips to help you grow in your experience in Eve Online


Active in comms

Active Omega clone status or planning to Omega within 2 weeks of joining

Mature, no drama

For recruitment join our DISCORD Discord or send a message to Dankpancakes Buelle in game. You can also head into the HyPiv Smoking Lounge channel in game - our corps public channel.

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