Hypernet improvements

Hi pilots,

i do some hypernet trading with an alt and i had some ideas for this after more than 10k offers created by me.

  • The windows size need to be more larger or to resize the hypernet window, to get more offers on one
    page, to get an better overview.

  • We need an better option to sort the offers in " History Window " as filter, if you have more than 300
    done offers a day, you need an filter without the expired, or only with offers i won or participated in.
    To get an clear vision. At the moment i need to scroll much sites down to find the offers that need to
    be completed or to collect your won item. I think i loose much won items, i never saw.

  • On the " Create " windows, i wish there is a counter for each offer to know how many of this item you
    already have online. That can help to get an better overview how much items you already have
    created on this item. At the moment i need to count and write on an paper, on the desk handwriten to
    have an overview how much items i have created and what item.

  • The " Total Price " need to be fixed, if there is an bpc of an capital part, there is always the price set to
    0.00, perhaps the medial / average price can be set on standard.

  • I wish i can search on the " Browse Site " for users, or to get an option , to rightklick on an item, and
    show all other offers of this user or myself.

All those wishes and problems i saw after more then 10k self created offers and more…it works fine, but the Hypernet need some improvements.

If i posted some stuff double, beause i didn´t found all hypernet wishes here in forum, im sorry in that case.

So just let me know what you think about that.

P.S. All mistakes you can find here, just ignore it my english is not my main language.

  • Have the best deal indicator actually work properly
  • Fix “brows by this type”
  • Have the ability to see all the offers, not just 16 on one page (like the first one above)
  • Have a better way to brows by region


Yes this matters with one of my ideas…

I had one more idea after sending my my post.

  • an overview of how much my listed items are worth ( med price / average? )

This can be good, to know what you have already without let all offers run out. Perhaps
with an calculation in the Charackter overview where i listed what you have in isk.

o/ Thank you

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Moral issues aside, it’s so frustrating to see CCP do such a half-ass job on on this when just by some minor adjustments, it could be made so much better…

HUGE improvement : remove the possibility to link it in chats.


Maybe the Triglavians could just invade Jita enough to blow up the fluid router and remove local chat.

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Perhaps this threat should be back to topic…no wonder if CCP never cjange somethin

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