Hypernet Offers are not showing up


Sometimes when I create an new offer it will not show in the Hypernet Relay Browser so nobody can buy it. Is this a known issue? Double Checked this with another Character and it is the same, the offer is not displayed. Lost a couple of auctions because of this…

Same issue here;
Once offer is created and I’m searching to browse for that specific item type, my offers are not showing.
Also no one is buying tickets from those offers.

Only after viewing my own offers (to see all the tickets), it becomes visible after searching for it in browser.

Again…not one of my 4 offers are shown in the Hypernet Browser…i will also open a Support Ticket now.

I filed a bug report about HyperNet filters not working within hours of the February release. It was included that day in the list of known issues in the patch.

As far as I can tell, filters still never work properly for me and there’s been no further action or communication on the issue.

The thing is, that this bug makes the Hypernet useless.

It is getting worse…only 6 (!!!) Offers are displayed in gerneral without any filters applied…

–>edit: Now there are more…but still none of my offers…

already lost billions in hypercores. no response from support.

CCPlease… This is a Major Bug! Everyone is crying about the stupid red dot (yes it is stupid) but here is a complete broken Funktion in your code or even in your Database. Please fix this asap!

Same issue, it’s been a week since I opened support ticket.

Same issue, it’s been a week since I opened support ticket and no response.

Any response from CCP would be nice.

How’s it looking for you, folks? Things seem better for me but I can’t tell if it’s a fluke or a stealth fix of some kind.

Yes…it seems better. But I also use the “workaround” with opening the Offers from time to time. So i can´t really tell. My Ticket is still open with no response.

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Lol. People actually buy tickets to these raffles?

This is not the topic.

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