Want to use HyperNet for giveaways


I want to use HyperNet as an in-game way to do giveaways, but i cant in its current state. Would be nice if when creating a hypernet offer you could select an option to limit number of tickets per character to 1. Yes I understand alts can still buy them and im fine with that, plus A) it limits to the speed at which people can bulk buy so if i link a giveaway to 25 people generally everyone will be able to buy 1 before people can start alt-swapping and B) it would still work overall, especially when dealing with giveaways that have more than 50 people.

Please add a little button when creating hypernet offers to limit number of tickets to 1 per character.

So what would be stopping players from rolling alts to claim multiple tickets?

Nothing. Thank you for contributing “I didnt read OP but decided to post anyway”. Appreciate the bump :slight_smile:

You are fine with that, but proposed changes are for the player base as a whole. If this option were present, I would want it to be minimally vulnerable to multi-account players - because why else would it exist?

For your specific use case: you could just have people message you to participate, and use a random selector on the resulting list of players to pick a winner. Random.org is great for this.

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well thats one vote that you won’t be getting it seems lol.

Maybe I should get off forums after taking my sleeping meds :sweat_smile:. Okay, let me try to contribute more meaningfully:

Your opening post suggests this would make it harder or slower for an individual player to claim multiple tickets via alts en masse, but I’m not sure it would. I’ve come up with a method that not only lets several alts to quickly claim tickets to a single raffle, but also to multiple raffles in one quick sweep (without botting or violating the Alpha-Omega policy).

I want to help satisfy the objective, but I just don’t think this specific approach is going to do it. I’m not sure there could exist an in-game mechanism that would work given the F2P nature of EVE, but @Mkikaden_Tiragen’s idea is sound since you could essentially verify that players are different individuals first, or that they at least satisfy some kind of criteria even if they end up being alts (at least there would be fewer of them applying).

I don’t see how this is relevant to this thread, but okay I guess :sweat_smile: ? (Haven’t talked to you in a while, hope you are doing well.)

Correct, I would be fine with that, so I’m proposing the change. For those who want to run their lotteries like Fort Knox they can always still go your route.

As an aside using an unverifiable 3rd party ruins the whole spirit of the thing, I might as well just select which character I find funniest and move on.

So CCP should spend money making a code change for a tiny use case scenario? That doesn’t make any business sense. Realistically, it is unlikely to be done. The HyperNet is meant for sanctioned gambling, not as a method of running giveaways. Cheers for thinking of an altruistic use that, but it isn’t practical spend of development resources.

I suggested an alternative to get you a viable result since this is an unlikely change to be implemented. If you think players won’t find the result credible, you can always stream the submission of the list and result from the website, or draw from a hat on livestream, etc.

there needs to be an option to turn on a limit for the tickets right now there’s only two outcomes that commonly happen one person buys most of the tickets they win the prize or two they buy too many tickets and nobody else does and it expires and the creator of it loses a s*** ton of money and nobody wins

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