I am launching a Player Driven Bounty Hunting System

Didn’t read the OP but I assume it is about people paying bounty and registered hunters attacking the targets. My thread is about available killrights and people hunting such targets in hisec then activating their killrights to kill them. Not sure if the OP involves killrights but I assume it doesn’t. So I guess the two are very different methods of hunting targets.

(Of course someone will correct me if my assumption is wrong.)


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Yes, enthusiasm has temporarily killed it. Computers have a tendency to die at inopportune moments, when one‘s attention is unavailable. It’ll be brought back live later today.

See: Capsuleer Bounties: Private Brokerage - #11 by Hatsu_Okeshimata

Why not just automatically pay 20% of shipvalue to whoever kills the target?

Seems a lot less convoluted.

Something gank corps should have done 10 years ago… offer paid hits. All you have to do is use the standings system to mark paid targets. Its not like you wont see then while you sit and wait all day on the pipe.

We do offer “hits” as you call them, although we refer to them as referrals.

1 billion isk gets you the target of your choice.

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Sounds like a scam.

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