I am looking for a friendly corporation


my name is Zak. I am 31 years old and in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy. I have limited movement and no speech.

I am from the uk and usually play from 4PM to 8PM UK time (15:00-19:00 eve time) I am looking for a corp to join that has plenty of members on during the above times, and would feel comfortable with me just using the chat, as due to my limited movement it is difficult for me to mine or haul - and even harder to do missions!

I love Eve - and I spend most my game time checking the market or escrow - and chatting. I use a bank of 4 switches and 2 buttons to type using an onscreen keyboard and a word prediction program. It is important that people understand this and are relaxed about me, as it usually takes a while to reply. I like chatting to older players as they are usually more patient.

please can you evemail me
Pumk Zak


Hi man, we aren’t really what you are looking for mosty US. I just wanted to bump you and say hope you find what you are looking for.

Ill keep my eyes peeled for you and as well.

Good luck.

bump im a miner

Curiosity. Do you use a mouse or trackball?

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bump :grinning:

bump :grinning:

bump i’m hardcore team player i’m miner

Bump :grinning:

Hi Zak

I am in the UK and I am looking for miners to join our corp and alliance. I am usually online after work at 19.00pm UK time every night and all day at the weekends. I am a miner too and I usually mine ice and ores. I will also do combat sites and Abyssals with occasional PVP on my alt. I know you cannot do all these things, but if you are interesrted you can always come mine with me I am based in Deninard system.

Please let me know
Wyndii Chelien

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We would love to chat with you my friend , drop by our discord :slight_smile:

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