I am Looking for corp, 2 toons 22kk sp and 6kk sp

Hi everyone,

I am 28, just started to play again after a few years. I’m looking for a corp. Preferably in null. The 6kk sp toon can drive noctis in t2 fit, currently is learning astero. The “main” with a weird name can drive amarr BS currently is learning social skill for mission run in a high sec. I am not going to provide full API just in principle. But I am ready to answer on all questions :slight_smile: I do not realy have time to play a lot, just looking for a company to do PVE. I don’t mind to go PVP and I am ready to learn or master the ship that is needed. In addition, I live in Netherlands so you know my time zone.


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if you are looking for a fun and friendly nullsec corp we might be ideal for you. Although PVP is a thing and you’ll need to be ready for that. please contact us by joining the channel Unleashed Fury Public

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Looking for good corporation… No API. The only people that will accept you are ones that are desparate with members, which should speak for itself.


Well there’s always Horde

I did not say that I won’t provide API at all. If you wanna see my wallet and skills be my guest. But it does not make sense if you want to see my personal messages. This is what full API gives access to as far as I understand.

Lol goodluck finding good corporation then.
I have never understand players who don’t want to show their API keys. “Yes, we give credit card with acces to it’s money to anybody, but no, we are not going to give you read only key with virtual info”. Decent corporations and good recruiters don’t like to waste their time on stupidness, so good luck

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