I am no longer selling myself (Santa Spirit)

Over the past few years, I have (with the help of friends, players and CCP) hosted a Christmas EvEnt on Dec 14th each year. I have been blessed by the goodness of the EvE Online community in that I have seen, the Grinch, the robbers, griefers and thieves come together in the spirit of community and friendship, there has EvEn been speculation that warring corporations have ignored their conflict in the EvEnt system and actually joined in together in the conga lines, shuttle races and other EvEnts.

For a community whose outward reputation is one of almost pure Evil, I cannot express the warmth and camaraderie that I’ve seen in New Eden.
Sadly, my work has made it difficult to give the proper amount of time to the EvEnt the past 2 years and because of that I feel that I cannot contribute the time to it that it deserves.
With that said, I am hoping that whoever buys me will carry on my tradition and I will let my CCP contact know who gets me.

Offers can be sent to my EvEmail
I already have someone who has supported me in the past interested and I’m not going to be holding anyone hostage hoping to get a huge amount of isks, I am however looking to find someone who will not abuse what we’ve built here.


19.3m SP total including un-allocated SP
located in High sec
positive wallet
due to a lack of ratting or mission running, I have a 0.0 sec status

There are no killrights against me, I have moved to an NPC corp, but, I have the
Corp being held by an elf http://prntscr.com/nqdv2b

Edit: typo
2nd Edit: added eveskill link

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I THINK i covered all of CCP’s requirements…
if not, I will make sure they are all adhered to

10b ready

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Oh man, this honestly makes me v sad to see, but alas it’s what happens as the years go by and we find less and less time to spend.
I will lay out an initial offer of 12bil. Somewhat embarrassing but really haven’t got a lot of liquid not tied up at the minute, but I’ve the feeling you aren’t going to rush a quick sale and are more interested in finding the right person, so it shouldn’t be an issue in awhile.
I would absolutely love to try and take over the event for you, I think it sounds like a lot of fun. That said, you leave some mighty big red boots to fill this holiday season and I don’t think it will be the same without you. :frowning:

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Hey~ my friend
Everyone will encounter you in this situation. In fact, friends who are familiar with you will also AFK after your AFK… When you want to have time to play games, you will find that your friends are all red lights. This is very frustrating, but every online game will happen, so keep a lot of interaction with your friends on the network, I think you will get a better realistic friend.
Finally, and you forgot to post the skill list. I regarding the handling of game tasks, I suggest that you can save this character or sell it to handsome guys,like me(HAHA).


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something something sell something something


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15 bil

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but Santa…
you can’t leave us, not after everything we’ve been through.

I’ll have to see how much I can come up with as long as you’ll help me with the events?


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I’ll still be around on my main and don’t worry, if you do get me, I’ll help you out as much as I can.

Ahhhhha, I saw your skills,
I will give you 16 Bil
Cheers for no bot and no hacker

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17 bil

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Yup, real live flesh and blood capsuleer



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Final bump

selling canceled,
Thanks all


Pleased you are no longer selling yourself.

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I wasn’t really “wanting” to sell it anyway, but i was hoping someone could take up the mantle for me.
I’ll see EvEryone in October

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