I am sold

I am for sale

All CCP rules adhered to

Positive wallet
No killrights
NPC Corp
In station located in hisec
I pay transfer

** Please post offers in here only. I do not log in to this account and check mail … Thanks **

My master has tired of WH space

I will be an excellent asset to you

Perfect Scanning Skills
Brilliant Chain Runner

Can solo C3 sites in rattle
Great alt to use in tandem with your main in C5’s

Perfect Hacking and Archelogy

Great Market skills for markets installed in your citadels

Can fly bustard DST to get your loot out corp/personal

Check out my skills

Skills Click here

Starting bid 20 Bill

B/0 20 Bill

Looking for new home




Thanks for the bids.

I am still for sale

18 billion

18.5 billion

Thanks for the bids. Getting so close to the starting Bid.

First to offer 20 Bill can have me.


Bump. 20 Bill Buyout

Looking for new home

6 hours till this end.

20 Bill Buyout

Don’t Miss out

your skill book is empty. Only thing he can do good is scan… So you are basically selling Astero pilot. 2bil is max price for this toon…

p.s. injecting bunch of books doesnt make the price go up…

18.6 bil

18.7 B

18.8 bil

19 Bill and it’s sold to you

I’ll do 19 bil. Please confirm acceptance and I will then send ISK and account info…

I accept the 19 bill as Buyout.

Please send isk to this character only and send an evemail to me with the account name you would like it transferred to.


ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!