I am unable to search for the system Aset

When I type “Aset” into the “People and places” search window, or even “ase” as a partial search term, I simply get no reaction from the client whatsoever. Other searches appear as normal however.

Some adjacent systems are Floseswin and Avenod and I can get information about Aset from their information boxes.

Thank you for sharing this information so other players can attempt to replicate and add context if it is happening with other searches.

In case you have not thought about it: For this kind of thing, it is most helpful to the developers if you submit a bug report - ideally immediately after attempting the failed action; that lets them pull trace information from your session to track down details on what went sideways.

With the search parameters as “any” it will not bring up Aset, but if you change the parameters to “Solar System”, Aset will show up

That works for me as does the “stations” option. But I definitely don’t like the idea of having to be that specific for my searches.

And you are right to be dissatisfied with the behavior - it is definitely a bug. It’s good to hear there is a work-around for the meantime, but it’s crappy that the bug exists.

Do you recall if you could search for this term normally before the December release? If you had previously successfully searched, but cannot since the release, you can add this to the feedback in the Known Issues thread and include your bug report number in that comment, as it can help the devs working on the patch issues see where unintended changes occurred and tie it to any other in-progress efforts that need attention. Frequently, different developers are working the comments in Known Issues than the ones triaging the bug reports, so raising it in the thread can get it to the right group a little faster.

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Same here. All my clients don’t return search results for both ‘Tolle’ and ‘Aset’ (from OP) using the top left search bar. There are other systems I couldn’t find in the past few weeks, but I assumed it was a temporary hiccup. Unfortunately I forgot which ones those were. If I find those or others, I’ll edit this reply with a list on the bottom.

I use this type of search a lot to plan routes to systems, and I can say with relative confidence that this has surfaced as functional regression since early/mid December.

I’ve tried to clear search history by using right click on the bar, clearing each clients’ own cache, and verifying shared cache in the launcher. All to no avail.

I hope that sharing my experience regarding this matter will contribute to a timely resolution.

Edit; list of systems:

  • Tolle
  • Aset
  • Agal

I have no memory of ever having any trouble searching for any system, and no memory of ever searching for the systems mentioned so far. So I can’t say when any this stared, no. It would be a big help if I did though, good point.