Request for Developer Help to a ticket raised that cannot be resolved by GM's


i have raised ticket 1986218 where i have asked if it would be possible to check my character profile on the database to confirm that I have visited every K-space system that i can reach under my own steam (i.e. not including the Jove space systems).

GM’s have stated that they do not have the tools for this, yet this has been done in the past for other players. GM recommends that i post here on the forums so that a Developer (who have the tools available to complete this).

Can a member of the Dev team please help with this?

Many thanks in advance

This man wants a medal

heck yeah…just a little shiny badge to say inner lap complete or something similar…

…with the reverse side saying “now go and do the harder, outer lap” or similar

honestly though i’d just like to confirm that i haven’t missed any and the map is correct (it was still showing a couple of systems that i knew i had been to as having not visited them)

First off, this is the wrong forum section. This has nothing to do with photon.

Try tagging a dev like @CCP_Swift or @CCP_Paragon

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Moved to General Issues.

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The verification method to see if a character has visited each system in EVE is not baked in, so to speak and the verification is fairly complicated and time consuming.

We are only able to offer verification for the purposes of confirming a new record holder for a Guinness World Record for the specific category of being the fastest to visit each star system without losing a single ship in combat throughout the journey.

The current record holder is Henrique Arnolles and we covered it last year here in this news item below.

Fair enough, thanks for looking into it though. For now I’ll stick with the map and my spreadsheet to show that I’ve done it.

Just need to complete W-space now

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