I can help fix the botting problem if CCP is interested in an academic partnership

I have a PhD, my dissertation work is on data-driven cyber-threat intelligence using computational techniques (i.e., machine learning). Recently I have been working on systems for bot detection across different types of platforms. I currently am a tenure-track faculty at a major research university in the United States.

I believe I could help CCP solve their bot issues by building computational techniques and tools that could help CCP employees identify and assess bot activity. The only thing I ask data and the ability to publish some research papers on this problem.

CCP if you’re interested, please let me know.


A quick test question?

Does your detection method incorporate the Bayes’ Theorem in any way?

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Depends on the problem context but often times yes. Since the output is probabilistic we market our tools as “decision support systems” meant to help human analysts identify data points of interest rather than running as a completely autonomous system

A lot of my work also uses feature-based learning with no real prior aside from some labeled data. But even then, bayes’ theorem can be used to help pre-train a model if needed in some contexts

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Academic publishing record you can post to validate your expertise?

Good enough. I learned about this in Theology, getting my Th.D. Thomas Bayes was no fool, and his system is the basis for a lot of stuff, today, though it was useless outside theology, at the time.

I don’t fully understand the new stuff, oop, all the new languages and techniques, but whatever you code it in, the idea of being able to make predictions from incomplete data is… Well, potent.

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Not going to publicly identify myself in this community : )

My current biggest project is with a multi-national company that generates $10B in annual revenue in just the US market

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Yet you are puiblicly telling the player community through the player forum, that you can solve a problem, while laying down terms to do so.

That’s the most amateur approach to this ever.

Why aren’t you directly approaching CCP through your faculty, to enter in a partnership for some work, where you can sign an NDA as part of gaining access to data? Or setting up an LLC and approaching CCP through a company? Or just approaching them with your academic credentials with an offer of joint research?

Also, if you are going to use this to write an academic paper, then you’ll be outing yourself in the future anyway, since that will be published somewhere and discoverable.

This just reeks of a person claiming something that isn’t actually true. Why you would even think that positing this on a community forum is the best way to go suggests you are a long way from a PhD grad.


Whether you are legit or not, the forum is definitely not the way to inquire any academic partnerships.

I’m sure CCP has communication channels for business propositions. There you can also privately disclose all your personal information and accomplishments, so you are not just some random avatar on a game forum claiming to have a phd.

I wrote an e-mail to their business inquiries e-mail before but never got a response. So I posted here as a last attempt because I know at least someone from CCP will read it. I like the game and genuinely want to help, that is my intention.


Suspicion. In game… Sure. I get it. Out here, we’re out of character, we’re supposed to be real.

You raise some points, I’m sure corporate structures have some way of conducting this. I’ve ran anonymous on sites, before, testing ideas and gauging reactions, before I speak, to the really important board or committee, though.

Who wouldn’t? It’s not like she/he asked you to donate isk to solve the problem.

I don’t think it’s so much suspicion, but more that it’s a kinda pointless thread. Pointless for the same reason, as threads asking for responses on their support tickets here on the forums. CCP can’t disclose anything publicly on the forums and communication has to go through appropriate channels. CCP is not going to come in here and say “Hey. We totally want to work together, here is the data you ask for”.

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Yes I agree : ) I’m just trying to start a conversation with them. If they were actually interested I would assume this would go to another form of communication. Again this is just a last attempt to gain visibility with them. From that perspective, it’s not a pointless thread.

Did you email the security team directly? Did you send the security team your credentials and outline of a proposal?

So far all it seems you’ve done is write and email to a enquiry address and then come to the forum.

That’s not very professional.

Yeah, I understand that point.

I was mostly trying to counter Aomame’s notion of suspicion.

That’s actually a great point to e-mail the security team. I wasn’t aware they have their own separate e-mail address. Thanks for the suggestion

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Well, hopefully they listen to you, because where the Bayes’ Theorem is unleashed in tandem with so called intelligent systems, it discovers, if it’s fed all the data, relationships that we never knew existed.

Usually, I would have used LISP. I’m sure you have better stuff nowadays, but back in the day, LISP was the language of potential AI.

I really have just focused on my cats and my garden and my games, after giving up being an active part of FreeBSD, though. So I’m sorta like the stupid grampa that is going on about stuff you know all about, already, I guess.

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Man I am way too stupid to post in this thread

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OP, you seem to be under the impression they actually want to fix the bot issue in the first place.

*fires up Tor on VPN to buy more tinfoil on the dark web


Wrong approach for this kind of thing. You’re basically pointing to replication of what CCP already does, granted with very limited resources and very low priority, but that is understandable from a venture and studio management perspective. If concepts such as minimum product viability or asset sweating don’t mean anything to you, it is unlikely that you will be able to find an effective approach.

CCP has avenues of contact. If you’re from Iceland, you may get somewhere as a private individual. Otherwise any contact will require backing & facilitation. Publishing rights is going to be a tough topic though.

Just pointing to established methodology & track record of CCP in such ventures.

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agreed. keep your anonymity. but it sounds exciting. I hope CCP listens.

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