I can't log on to the test server

I try to log in to the test server but it doesn’t let me, it says that the login data are not one, and when I give the password recovery, this message appears.

I would try another computer and this whole message appears

This site can’t be reached

secure-singularity.testeveonline.com took too long to respond.



Can anyone help me with this problem?

If you were created after Feb 15 you will not have access, if you changed your TQ password after Feb 15, you’ll need to remember your old password to get on SiSi. Password recovery doesn’t work all that well for SiSi.

i have a fairly old account and didnt change passwords in a long time, i still can’t login.

I have a similar issue to the OP.

I’ve both created my accountn and changed my password after the Feb the 15th. Do you have any idea on when the test server will work with newer account information?

You will not be able to join the test server until the next mirror. It could be end of May or early June. Typically mirrors are every 3-4 months


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