I dont know who needs to hear this but eve online has never been free to play

If you need to pay to access the full game its not free to play. And also, paying for “2x skill training speed” feels wrong for most gamers because it comes across as cheaty and they dont want to cheat.

Stop whining.


Define whining



That seems like a strange definition of whining, but assuming im crying whats wrong with that

Ok whinebaby.


Im actually laughing, caus that was a very silly post you just made

I don’t think many folks are playing under the illusion that “free to play” means “full total access” for a lot of models. Most Freemium games are moving, or were built to, a model that either locks certain content behind a paywall, restricts character development to a certain level (even Wordl of Warcraft did this back in the day) or makes non-sub accounts have to grind longer for stuff.

Nothing in the OP’s post is a) new, b) particularly useful or c) interesting. It’s the definition of a ‘whinge post’.

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dont like EvE ? then run back to WoW and STFU…

i never understand why ppl are ranting about games they didnt play


You can actually do a lot and have a good time for free. Sure it’s not the whole thing, but the more important parts are free, like being in fleets and corps.

I’d play free, but I literally can’t enjoy myself unless I’m running two or three characters at once.

Is freemium the same as free to play? If so i would like a source for the claim that most free 2 play games are built to lock certain content behind a paywall

For example Starcraft 2 is free 2 play
Counter-Strike GO
Dota 2
Even Bloons TD6

And they all have multiplayer, and you dont feel like you have to pay money in any of those games. Yet they seem to be succesfull.

But even if they are the exception to the rule and the best “free 2 play” model is to gate most of the content behind a paywall you would expect Eve Online to have more players than this. I wouldnt be surprised if the amount of people playing EVE online would double or triple if they got rid of the Omega time and instead treated every player like they had Omega time. (This will then trickle over into purchasing skins and what not) But people who have never purchased plex probably shouldnt be allowed to have the skill queue tho. But im not sure. And also people who have never purchased plex should probably get into a login queue if there are more than x players online? And instead PLEX should be used for more things like character name changes, attribute remapping (no more free ones?), and all this other stuff that doesent prevent the player from playing the game to its fullest but is still something that is in demand (100 Plex to completely recustomize your character appearance?). The more i talk about it the longer it will probably take for someone important to make this realization tho :smiley: But for example starcraft 2 became actual free 2 play years ago. And i dont think they regret the decision. But who knows.

We know it’s not really ‘free to play’.

It’s free to try indefinitely.

–Honest Gadget

CCP should restructure and become a charity providing free games for plazid.

Sir, this is a Wendy’s

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Is there 0 possibility for intelligent discussion on this forum? Seems like the interesting topics just end up with meme references or random accusations and knee-jerk if not toxic rhetoric at this point

@plazid Every gamer knows what “Free to Play” is. You aren’t saying anything new.

Source? I mean when someone dowloads CS:GO because its free to play, he is expecting to see when he spawns and opens the menu to buy and use an AK “ONLY PLAYERS WITH OMEGA TIME CAN ACCESS THIS”. Are you telling me thats what every gamer expects in a free 2 play game? huh?

Get out of here :laughing:


But thats not how it works