Playing the game or not

Im not new but I am here to tell you guys that you are missing out on money because its too expensive. This is just one game and its just as expensive as services with several games, id pay like less than wow or something but this price is ridiculous. so basically if you claim that its for financial reasons Im having a laugh cause ur missing out on my money HAHAHAHAHAHAH

good riddance. keep on playing wow.

If you’re looking for a game that is possibly, the most important game of all time, staggeringly vast, mind-blowingly complex and diverse in a multitude of ways, full of examples of the very best of humanity and selflessness (B4R, Sixth Empire, et al) and utterly beautiful to look at, then EVE is without equal.

If nothing else, the sheer size of it means that there’s more than enough content here to keep you busy for a while without getting too bored.

Based on all of this, personally, I don’t think the subscription cost is that massive and if you really baulk at paying it, you can play for free too.

But if you’re still unconvinced and if it’s all about the subscription costs and you still think that WoW is better than EVE, then feel free to stick with it. Really. Please.

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How the ■■■■ free game can be to expensive? No one forces you to pay omega or make enough isk to plex each month.


If you look at the costs of many forms of entertainment, EVE is relatively inexpensive.

First, you can play for free with alpha clones or converting isk you make into Plex and get omega free.

Then say you don’t want to waste time plexing your account and want to subscribe. How many hours of entertainment do you get for $x subscription price. Let’s see… going to the movies - way more expensive and way less hours of entertainment. Even on a minimum wage job you are trading what? An hour ish give or take of your labor for a whole month of entertainment.

I fail to see the “too expensive” argument.


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