{IDEA} EVE going complete free to play

So i have this idea that the game should go complete free to play. no more clone states and makes it easier for all players. :):grinning:

Oh heck no.

I thought it was against the rules to post the same nonsense* on multiple forums ?

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If Eve is completely free to play, how do the developers get paid and where does the cash come from to keep the servers running? Solve those problems and your idea might deserve further consideration.

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They may do it but ONLY if subscriptions will fall below profitability threshold. And it seems we are far away from that point.

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So, should EVE go full free to play in the future??

also i have posted something about this on the CSM forums

While you could probably make arguments to support EVE embracing the free-to-play model, it probably wouldn’t be in the best interests of the game for it to do so. At least not yet.

As it currently stands, the Alpha/Omega state already opens up most of the game to the player even with the skill restrictions. Outside of further excuse to monetize other aspects of the game (be it present or future features/mechanics), the free-to-play model generally has a negative association with it. By using the model you’re going to have that negative association placed on EVE’s already existing reputation in regards to the perception of “fairness” and negative experiences that paint the game as “the place where the terrible people online go to play”.

At the same time, this is why I would like to see Echoes survive through the development cycle and exist on Android/iOS. Not only would it be great to have so I can play EVE while I play EVE, it could serve as a test to see how EVE could fair using the free-to-play model and perhaps aid in transitioning the game if that will be its future.

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I believe it would be good for the game to full free to play especially since the game might get young players as well. Also I notified CCP and they said they would consider it. I’m not trying to ruin the game, i believe the game is ready to go full free to play.

I don’t disagree that the game could go that route now or in the near future, because it certainly can.

It’s just there’s some… problems when it comes to free-to-play, limited progression, and alts.
Or just alts in general.

Their existence tends to mess a lot of things up, especially in-game economies.

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I definetely but I want this to eventually to be a thing, but still being able to run one character per account

F2P is just another way of saying:

  1. Im so damned poor that really i shouldn’t even have spent money on a computer and internet connection in the first place.

  2. You’re okay with a game that will never see another update due to loss of income.

  3. You believe that EVE would stay the same when its income stream is in the toilet. F2P is only ever a good idea if the development of the game has stopped AND the developer is okay letting people play a dead game a couple more years for free before the developer finally pulls the plug.

I personally don’t see EVE as a dead game nor do i think that CCP and its overlord will stop putting resources into developing EVE for the foreseeable future.


For me, EVE Online is the best game i have ever played and i think every player should not have to pat monthly for it. CCP has DLC in terms of steam and but at least all i would ask would be to lower the monthly sub.

If a game is fully F2P the company has the main income from advertisements and micro transactions, so if you want to have premium ships to fly or more overpriced skins or „premium skillinjectors“ sure why not … otherwise skill injectors etc have ruined the game enough already and the sub. (Alpha omega ) thing is ok


If a person is for some unknowable reason has the money to pay for a computer and an internet connection yet cannot afford to pay for EVE, they can play free already.

Btw, the alpha / omega thing didn’t do good things for EVE in my opinion.


this is something i just think about from time to time. its like when i first started playing two years ago… it was a nightmare for me and has been ever since.

if it goes free to play, all the vets thats been paying $15 or more for the past 15 years will get angry and upset and possibly even quit…

and thats a bad thing?

While CCP probably makes a lot from PLEX sales, the sub is essentially something they can guarantee they’re going to get to spend on expenses while PLEX isn’t - you can play the game without spending PLEX, and a lot of people buy it based on its value in-game which is going to affect when people spend the money to buy it.

ArenaNet is looking at large layoffs since their expenses are currently higher than what they’re earning, and they only have the expansions and gems to count on for sales.