I don't wanna lose you tonight

For those, like me, that run lvl 4 missions in a Drake. A gold star to anyone who can watch more than 30 seconds of this video. Ps. It’s worth watching the whole thing. You will never be the same.


You sir, are a cruel man.

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I too run lvl 4’s in my drake. Share your fit. Heres a pic of mine.

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Running L4s in a Drake is just cruel and unusual punishment in of itself. You really don’t need the video…


What the Jesus. Is that a thing? I’ve been out of this game too long.

Yeah I keep hearing that. I should make more effort.

it’s kinda catchy … if it was a higher quality recording I’d make it into a ring tone

Lvl 4’s on a Drake, you say? Why? Use some Bs or Marauders, come on. It’s a commandment:

Thou shall not runneth Levelth 4 Missions on a Drake.

you actually can do it. a drake with an AB should not take much damage from the BS, should be fast enough to pull range.

/me remember doing drake with friends in L4s, quite a while ago now …

Sure, it can be done. But there are better ways to slowly drive yourself insane…

Actually a drake is good enough to enjoy the mission. It has a correct range, a good enough DPS, so someone who put points in heavies will have a easier time than going straight for a BS.

I think I did my first L4s in a drake, and it was ok. When I got a BS it was harder because I was slower and could get hit harder.

OP -Instead of a drake go for tengu. For lvl4 they are like a super-drake. Not only will they complete much fastrer than drake, they can be adapted for use for other purposes as well.

Tengus are kinetic-locked, so I’d go for any T1 Battleship instead.

Most fun I had with level fours was in a hurricane back in the days, using 650s or 720s, with priority on RoF. These people here need it even easier. vOv

That reminds me of that EVE spoof where they tell the guy to make up the Veldspar quota… in a Kestrel. I mean, if you’re looking for harder ways to do L4 missions it’s certainly possible…

Edit: perhaps my information on the tengu is out of date since the latest T3 changes.

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