I gave up, I keep it for myself

ty all

Eager to wait sell,I will reply to every message

Really awful name.
15 bil.

It’s too hard to accept bro,ty for your reply

Tell me please. It was you? This name did you create it?

You must pay the fee as per the rules.

yep,I regret

Oh, I’m not sure, it means I have to pay the transfer fee, right?

Yes. You cannot ask someone else to pay the fee. You cannot transfer via Plex anymore either.

You’re in all sorts of violations of the Character selling rules such as that you’re not in an NPC corp, which is required at the time of your sales post and throughout the sales process.

You can read up on all of what’s required here at Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Closed at request of OP

Fly safe o7

ISD Bahamut