I get disconnected every time I open Google Chrome

I get disconnected every time I open Google Chrome.

I think that is your ISP problem and not CCP’s.

:hearts: Microsoft Edge forever.

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And no help was given.

*I came so close to resubbing for another year, I’m glad I didn’t.

why would you expect to find an actual answer on the forums ratehr than submitting a bug report with a lot more information that you couldnt be bothered to write


Chrome is spyware anyway. Do you have the same issue with Mozilla Firefox?


Microsoft Edge forever! You will not be missed.

This is what makes Eve so great (not really).

I am honored to be your first reply to the EVE forums.

Have a great week! :smiley:


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EDGE! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


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BTW, Edge, Safari, and Chrome all use the same backend engine…

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Safari is based on Apple’s browser engine, WebKit
Edge is based on Google’s Chromium engine, which uses Blink, Blink is a modified version of WebKit
Chrome is based on the Chromium thing(I’m pretty sure)

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So, they’re all based on WebKit, which in turn is based on KHTML.

KHTML doesn’t exist anymore(I’m pretty sure)

Don’t open chrome.

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Or if you need to do something on chrome, do it on your phone, or a different computer, or tablet

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