Google Chrome and EVE Forum Login Issue

Hi, I can’t log in to the EVE Forum using Google Chrome.

If I click the ‘Log In’ button at Top Right of the screen, I’m taken to a log in and character selection screen. There I click on the portrait of the character I wish to use. I’m prompted to ‘Confirm’ my choice.

As soon as I click ‘Confirm’, I’m returned to the Forum, only to be faced with the request to ‘Log In’ and not, as expected, my little char portrait in the far R corner.

I submitted a ticket, but when I wanted to update it with more info, the ‘Account-Linking’ dialogue had me completely defeated. It didn’t work. So I went to MS Edge, and logged in with no problem at all!

I’d rather use Chrome, so if anyone can suggest things I can try, I’d be grateful.
W10 - all up to date. Anti-Virus current.
EDIT: Cleared Cache and reinstalled Chrome, set Chrome to Default. Problem persists.

i have no issues
w10 + chrome


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Thanks. Now I can’t even log in with MS Edge. I’ve temporarily uninstalled EVE and those browsers, ready to try other fixes.

Same issue here, both Edge and Chrome. I am writing this from Firefox…

no issues on my end either, and i was able to use chrome from galaxy note 20 and pc.

i guess you try to hard
its definitely not related to the EVE Client at all … thats not possible
if you have it in EDGE Chromium and Google Chrome … i would not think on a browser problem

usually clear your browser cache … uninstall/reinstall of the browser doesnt clear the cache

hope it works


Thank you all for your replies.

I completely uninstalled then reinstalled EVE (and transferred everything to an external HDD to save some space). It’s working fine and I can log in to the Forum without difficulty.

But I do dislike not knowing what caused the problem. CCP has my ticket; maybe they can figure it out!

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