I got bored and went on a Character Creation spree


What to do in Eve Online

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Yes, that’s it. Thanks.

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one of the big reasons that we Need something like captain quarters back!

it would be a awesome dream to run around in big spacestations or ur own spaceship, decorate everything, Meeting up with ur friends, using emotes and maybe add some minigames! :slight_smile:

features like this will bring new people to eve, and not the removal of smuggling, or other downgraded updates,… seems like exploration is the next thing they slowly gonna destroy now……

freaking wierd that they did create this awesome character appearence system and we also had captains quarters for some time(yea it wasnt much but still) and then they just removed it again,… like wtf. now the char creation is only a feature to slow down ur pc,… nothing more… ist pretty sad

if ccp could just understand that for making money they should just listen to their customers^^

well time to get back into my dreamworld lol


No, we don’t.

can u atleast explain why?

Yeah, I agree, Character Creation is an awesome feature with a lot of gameplay potential that’s greatly underused. Definitely a shame the Captains Quarters was removed.


CCP do need to update this part of Eve it needs some TLC… move it towards more like The Sims which my daughter plays alot… I am only talking about the player creation part not WIS.

I know many people will ask WHY when you can’t do anything with it after you start playing the game, but it is the introduction to the game which first players see first.

There are many ways you could improve this part of Eve… including more clothes,tattoos, makeup, face features and haircuts…

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