I'm quitting EVE forever, and yes you can have all my stuff

On the last update, I tried to connect to EVE Online and was unable to. I sent in a support ticket and received a promptl reply. My computer operating system was not supported. I would have to upgrade.

The thing is, I scrimped and saved for the computer I have now, just to play EVE. This is a refurbished computer, so it can’t handle the new operating system.

At that point, I had to be honest with myself. Have I ever really enjoyed playing EVE Online?

Well, for several reasons I have decided that I can no longer play EVE Online. I can’t afford it,. it takes up too much of my time, and I don’t have any friends that play it.

To be honest, the only thing that really interested me about EVE Online was the role-play and the backstory. I really loved the idea of the Amarr being a theocratic Police state, with the Min’matar as their recently released slaves. The story about the Caldari and the Gallante was pretty good too. I was pretty disappointed that the story, and roleplaying, played such a small role as to be insignificant.

As I said, I am quitting EVE forever, and you can have ALL of my stuff.

This means nine (9) characters spread over three accounts, with three corporations. I also have some blueprints, and some ships.

One of these characters, a Faction Warfare focused pilot, was created in 2008. That’s a twelve year old character. He was being skilled up into a Curse, before the client upgraded and spit me out. He can fly all tech 2 Amarr frigates, as well as battleships. He also has a set of +5 implants and a half million LP points with the Crusades.

Another pilot is an industrialist. I believe she can fly an Orca, but doesn’t have one yet. She can fly battlecruisers, as well as mining barges. She is also a trader and an inventor. In fact, she can build stealth bombers, and is close be being able to build Guardians. She can fly Tech 2 cloaky haulers, and she actually has one too!

I have another Minmatar miner/ manufacturer character who can also fly an Orca, but she doesn’t have one yet.

I have a second Minmatar miner who can also fly Minmatar frigates, destroyers and cruisers.

I have one Caldari character who is a science type,. but can also do manufacturing. He is trained up to five in anchoring. The reason for this was so that he could anchor a citadel. He is flying a hauler at the moment, but he is also trained in Caldari frigates and cruisers.

The other characters are haulers, mostly. I have one trained up to level 5 in cybernetics. I was planning on turning him into a freighter pilot. I have a Gallante hauler that is trained up to 5 in Indy ships. She could also fee trained up to fly a cloaky hauler, or perhaps a freighter.

I am giving ALL of these away, as well as three corporations. I am quitting EVE, and I don’t need ISK. I would like to take cash for them…since they represent a large investment in time and money. A twelve year old character who paid $20 a month for example…well, you do the math.

However, instead of just giving them to the first people that ask, I am willing to consider a trade in services.

As I said, my favourite part of EVE was the stories. The way I made my ISK was by winning the Pod and Planet story writing contests. Currently, I have an EVE Online comic strip planned in my head, based on my experiences playing EVE in 2008.

I have decided, at 51 (fifty one) years of age, to stop playing games and start focusing on a career. For me, this will be writing stories, something which I have always had a talent for, even as a child. I am also an excellent artist, so I would like to do comic strips as well.

So, instead of merely handing these characters over blindly to the first people that ask, I would like to be able to give them to someone who can help me develop a Patreon site, a Wordpress site, and perhaps another website, to promote my comics and stories. Some, but not all, of these comics and stories will be about the world of EVE. I suppose I could try to muddle through this myself, but I would prefer to concentrate on the creative aspects of it instead of slogging through something which is tedious and unfamiliar.

The name of my Patreon website will be ‘Apocalypse Comix’. I have decided that the site will be administered by ‘the four horsemen’, of which I will be the horseman Famine, who rides upon a pale horse. That means that the other three horsemen are ‘up for grabs’.

Payment will be in the form of barter, an EVE Online character which I can no longer use, as well as their corporation and ships. Keep in mind that these characters represent a large cash ($1000s of dollars) and time investment (ten years). I don’t want any half-ass effort, or scammers, or time wasters please.

After that, if you still want to be a part of the project, you will be financially compensated for performing some kind of work, such as colourizing the comics, for example.

When I created these characters, I had a backstory for each of them, based on the EVE online lore. The Industrialist for example, Sera Kor-Azor, is the illegitimate daughter of Aritcio Kor-Azor. She was sent to a convent to become a Nun, and she picked up on some occult studies while there. Even though she is an Industrialist, I wanted to have her turn towards a heretical faction such as the Order of St. Tetrimon or the Blood Raiders.

When these characters are in your hands, what you do to them is up to you. You can use them as is, or ‘melt’ them down for skill points, and biomass them. I don’t care.

However, if you are interested in role-play at all, and/ or story telling, then I will certainly give you first preference when it comes to handing the character over. Think of it from the perspective of a pet owner. Would you rather give over your twelve year old cat to someone that will take care of it, or to someone that will use it for medical experiments?

Also, consider EVE Online is in desperate need of something new, and I really think that could be done through the proper use of role-play characters. If Sera Kor-Azor became the consort to bloody Omir for example. She already claims she is a Countess, and wants to be the next Empress. It certainly gives a cause for war.

Sera is also ideal for setting up in a wormhole. Actually, before the system upgraded and spit me out, I was thinking of sticking all nine of them in a wormhole. Well no matter, that is all in my past.

I have nine characters over three accounts. Ideally, I would like to hand these over to three people. I could manage NINE people, but these three characters are meant to complement one another and work together.


I’m sorry to see you go. Unfortunately, this thread is a host of issues and I am forced to close it.

Closed for advertising and prohibited manner of transferring characters.

Please give this a read. This is the only authorized way of trading characters in EVE Online. Please keep in mind this only applies to characters. It is prohibited to trade ACCOUNTS.