Character Retirements

I was wondering is there a place that people retiring from the Eve Online game can donate their characters and assests to another person who plans to still play? I am sure there are people that stop playing everyday, instead of their effort being lost it gets passed on to someone else.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and insights.


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Well you can Trade the character through the character bazaar (costs 20$) That’s really the only legal way of trading characters. You can donate your character for no ISK but still costs 20$ for the fee.

That’s the only legal way. Or really just let it sit your character will stay till the end of time. long as you remember your account info.

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Random thoughts on players that quit and giving away assets:

Well, not everyone that leaves does so with the full intention of never playing again. Some people just intend to take breaks, and many players probably haven’t made a hard decision. It’s hard to explain, but I don’t always say, “■■■■ this game/TV show, I’m never going to play/watch it again.” For things I feel ambivalent towards, I may just put it down, and never pick it back up again. For example, I stopped watching many TV shows in between episodes or seasons by just not caring enough to seek out the next installment, and not because I made a conscious decision to never watch it again. Players that fall into this category probably aren’t even thinking about giving away their stuff (and I imagine that an extremely large number of players fall into this category).

Anyway, it sounds like a lot of guys already strip their characters, and give away all their assets and SP. A few guys will also convert everything to plex, and donate it to plex for good. So, it looks like the guys that want to give away all their stuff already have options. They’re not ideal, as stripping a character of SP costs isk, and they’d have to pony up 20 bucks if they wanted to transfer the character itself, but I can’t imagine that CCP would want to change them (they either pay money directly to CCP for a transfer, or indirectly by buying extractors off of the market).

I’m not entirely sure what’s up with all the people that biomass. I know some are guys that are trying to remove any hooks the game might have in them before they quit (they’re basically trying to get closure). But I’ve seen things like corp thieves biomass as well. I guess it’s to get the burnt character off of the account so that it doesn’t show up for API searches on the other characters. But hell if I know.


what would you like your assets to go towards? can we talk ingame and i can see if i can help you sort it out

Don’t forget about @Mike_Azariah and the Magic School Bus!

For assets, there is my EVE Museum, although the museum only displays limited edition items. Other items would be liquidated.

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