I have a great idea. What do you think?

My main suggestion is to reopen the captain’s quarters with some new features that can bring benefits to both players and the game itself.

Firstly, you could add the ability to play movies or videos in the captain’s quarters, which can be official videos made by the game or even community-made videos. These videos could require ISK to be played, and advertisements could be played before the video starts, allowing alliances and corporations to advertise their services. This will help to reduce the amount of ISK in circulation and also increase the utilization of the captain’s quarters.

Secondly, you could add exclusive decorations or memorabilia that can only be obtained through official channels using ISK, which can be used to decorate the captain’s quarters or characters. These decorative items would not affect game balance and could help reduce the amount of excess ISK in the game.

Lastly, you could consider adding some forms of lottery or slot machines in the captain’s quarters that also require ISK to play. This will help reduce the amount of ISK in the game while providing an engaging activity for players.

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That’s what we need. More advertisements. Because the null bloc’s don’t already have enough representation with what, 3/4 of the CSM chairs filled by them?

Now let’s watch adverts about them.

Galnet clips might be a good idea, but why would we want to watch movies sitting in the captain quarters when I can watch Netflix/youtube/amazon prime/ while mining?


We can watch storyline clips about the EVE universe, which can help to enrich the game’s plot. Furthermore, advertisements could include promotions for small companies or recruitment ads for corporations. Besides, this excess game currency ISK can be removed from the market.

It could also be advertisements for certain players in a particular star system market who want to promote their own manufactured products.

This is just a single thought, please increase your thoughts, add this to this thread, and give this idea behind that a better approach.

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You still do not solve the sustainability problem of this that CCP has cited as one of the reasons this was removed before my time here in EVE according to what I have read about this. Why increase server load when it only will impact such a small small number of players? Nonetheless the data that very few players actually used this.

I can say with a firm and confident voice that this will never ever come back to EVE with current technology. If it does, please quote me and I will own up to this as a respectful person I am.

You know how much ISK people have? TRILLIONS! Often even the newbies these days have easily 100million with all the packs to buy and the easy ways to make ISK. That would certainty have to be a high fee. :laughing:

It appears you did put some serious thought into this but it this will never come back.


You do realize that this argument counters itself, right?

The EvE economy is bloated with null sec and massive corporations having trillions and trillions of isk. The ikle-bitty noob corp has what? Maybe a billion? That means that these null corp/alliances will dominate the ad field and buy up all the ad space to promote themselves. And in the end, the ikle-bitty noob corp is left in the dust.

And advertise what exactly? Goods? Why would I go out of my way to purchase something I saw on an ad when I can go to EvE Marketer and find it cheaper elsewhere?

Services? What services. Bring back the old war-dec mechanic and I could see merc corps selling their services to wardec to the highest bidder.
Station bashing services? Doubtful. The sheer crying that would ensue would have CCP scrambling.

The only service I could see coming from this is “come join our null alliance and well protect you as you crab in your ishtur”

This will not benefit small corps at all.

Immersion. As a roleplayer I love the idea of it. But practically, why would I sit in my captains quarters when the actual game takes place outside of it? Not to mention the server load. It’s a fine idea, just not practical.


and also the dev time and real money spent to develop such a cosmetic stuff that would only impact a small number of players instead of working more on important things

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And, CCP has a history of gross mismanagement of their development team as well.

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They could add in a control panel so players could control there bot fleets why sitting in a captain’s quarters watching adverts why sitting in real watching Netflix.

That may work for some


I wonder what “Walking om stations” would need to do to appeal to non-rp folks short of being a shooter.

Would the proposed pub games have made a dent in that group?

The general fallacy with space legs is that it’s usually added to games where it doesn’t tie to its core gameplay at all. Walking around to access station services is just a slow menu. Hanging around in space bars is just a clumsy corp channel or voice chat. Watching videos in your captain’s quarters is a clumsy YouTube. People would use them a little while for the novelty and then move on to the existing solutions that are actually more convenient.

The question to answer for worthwhile walking in stations is how does it tie to the game’s actual gameplay. I’m doing a mission. How does walking in stations contribute to this? I’m doing some lowsec ratting. How does walking contribute to this? I’m on a PVP roam. How does it contribute here?

These are not impossible questions to answer, but they need good answers, and probably a game design based around it from the ground up. (“You need to walk to the mission agent to talk to them” is not a good answer. That’s just a slow menu again.)



Videos and slot machines ? It wouldn’t justify the expensive development and maintenance of a CQ 2.0

P.S. The best, game supporting and entertaining way to remove excess ISK from the game is by blowing stuff up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why not both at the same time?



loot fairy
it’s called the Loot Fairy :crazy_face:

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Well, they already are teaching underaged individuals how to gamble with the hypernet relay. So why not?

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Safety could install permit dispensing machine on your way to your ship so you can pick the required permit for your flight, im sure some would like that.

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You used to be able to do that by renaming a file to whatever the file was that played in CQ. I watched SpaceBalls. :smiley:


Nothing against slot machines, everything against having to build a complete CQ around them, revamping the carbon technology of the era, and not seeing it used because it’s still a resource hog.

Note added in edit: I’d rather have the in-game browser back, but even that proves to be too much effort - and the igb was used by most people.

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