I have the solucion

I have the solution to attract new players again. 15k players online is not acceptable we have to do something:
1 - the first few seconds of the game’s intruduction has a voice saying "eve online is a vast space blablabla " get this voice out it’s promoting the game in an aggressive way. a good game like this can’t take aggressive advertising or players have to let themselves be involved.
2 - put the old voice back.this is a spooky game and the old voice involved the players in a very interesting way.have love for the game you made and don’t ruin it with mainstream music in the ads.
3 - remove all the confusion of boosts and bonuses and packs and skill injectors and skins with fluorescent colors (everything that can demonstrate that it is a desperate game in decline of players)
4 - make a ship bigger than a titan considering that there are already too many. open voice chat and maybe we can walk in the station with friends this way the apparel you buy makes sense.
2 months later. you have players again.
thank you

Then when there are too many Super Titans, you’ll want them to add Mega Titans. When there are too many Mega Titans, you’ll want them to add Hyper Titans, etc…

In-game voice chat was removed for a reason, as was walking in stations…

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How about, CCP removes all Titans from the game with 0 reimbursement because they are too common and in every hanger.

Then cap the max limit of Titans in game to 20. Four for each empire model, and 1 for each pirate model.

CCP should drop 10 blue print copies for a corvette that can 1 hit kill a titan by bumping into it. That bump will also destroy the corvette as well.

If the blue print is not used within 10 days of the drop it will degrade and disappear. If the ship is not used to kill a titan within 30 days, it will degrade into a shuttle.

/end troll

why not?
imagine a ship that can carry more ships inside and can be piloted by two people.
thats the thing!more fun stuff can be realy good.

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