MEGA (make eve great again)

I have some idea’s for the devs/managements/marketeers

  1. You can still make an appealing trailer without telling some bs story

Try telling people enthousiastically about the point and click festival, with your marketing skills they will come. And they’ll love it cause of expectations.

Some ads look like a action filled space shooter, beeing a hero.
A story about the road to this point will leave less people frustrated i think.

  1. Refrain from using terrible gameplay (PVE)

Saying this feels slightly akward cause sometimes it almost looks like it’s there on purpose.

Before you say, well…you are not paying us any cash. This is true, however i am content for people paying cash by flying around as a target. (in fact i’d be padding my killed board right now if my wrist wasnt hurting…)

I’ve played the hacking ‘game’ and it has frustrated me very much.
And remember i’m alpha, so i don’t have a cloak but i do have sisters launcher and just sitting there thinking and counting for minutes waiting to be popped.

This is the fun part i like, but the clicking and the RNG is not fun.
Please make a stupid mini game where i can use arrow left and right, or something…
And while you are at it put one trit in the empty container, atleast it’s better than nothing right?

The RNG at times giving me no chance it seems, that’s not fun either.
It’s the combination of multiple not fun things that makes it really terrible…

  1. Some ideas

Add some message about how heroes survive wardecs in this wild but harsh place called space

Bring back walking in stations (true reason of this post)

Link any game, good or bad to eve in a meaninfull way (bring back dust, second true reason)

A new module, ‘intergalactic ship speakers’
It plays audio clip items such different faction police sirens, or the players music.
Audibility range will depend on meta level.

Thats all i have for now, do all this and it will be awesome


  1. Bring back Eve Juke Box


Do this and tens of thousands will join EVE Online!

Can we please not? The local spam of sperglings like TEST or Goons or Horde is bad enough as it is. I do not need to hear their bovine residue from my loudspeakers in addition to that.

So like someone bumping a freighter could play Ride of the Valkyries :rofl:



Which close to nobody will remember. That’s not how most human brains work.
You may like the Shattered Dream Cinematic. (But hear the song? Yea, it’s telling kind of a story.)

I like that idea.

It’s only partially RNG. There is the “rule of six” making it quite predictable.
But mostly this is the necessary difference between Alpha and Omega account.

I’ld like that too.

They are working on Project Nova right now. But I think it’s better to have more seperate games that are only linked via setting/lore and not technically connected. I mean, look at Star Citizen. They try exactly that, and it takes ages…

This would actually be funny.

But I guess like any game with an active voice chat shows, this can make bleed your ears as well. (e.g. PUBG)

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While still have post rights…

Please torture the neocom icon designer with a cattle prong, if you do this you will make me very happy.

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