I just saw this and thought it was cool

I saw this thread and thought it was a cool idea, but i didn’t get to it soon enough, so i couldn’t post o n it, so here i am, adding my thoughts:

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Those would be cool, but there should be some kind of thing were you need to have a certain standing with that faction for a set amount of time to get ONE, so it is harder to farm them, then for every one after that, you need to do a decently hard mission that can only be done once every 3 months or something (again to make it harder to farm them) and maybe have a 1 run, non transferable bpc for one as a loot drop on a really hard to kill npc of that faction

Ex: to get a 1 run bpc for the trig corvette, you would need to either have good standings for a long-ish time, or kill a npc zirnitra or bunch of hooned leshaks

Disagree. No other ship is blocked from acquiring due to standings. Dont need to start now

Ok, using standings to keep it from being farmed it isn’t the best idea
How about instead of that, there is an event, and you choose to fight/explore for one of the factions, and when you complete a certain amount of event sites/missions you get one corvette for the faction you chose to “help”

SoE site/mission idea

You choose the SoE and do some explo sites, and sell the loot to the SoE in an npc station

ORE site/mission idea

You mine/huff a certain amount of high value ore/gas, and deposit it in a npc Orca,

Concord site/mission idea

Escort a “high value convoy” from one high sec system to another, the route passes through low sec, and makes a stop to pick up/drop off an item in lowsec, and you need to defend it from npc rats, and players who chose to work for the rat faction

Trig site/mission idea

Blow up a certain number of npc edencom/concord ships in abyssal deadspace

Edencom site/mission idea

Blow up a certain amount of trig rats in the abyss, or in one of the home systems in pochven

SoCT site/mission idea

Idk, transport a experimental Jovian disease treatment from one system to another, passing through low or null, trying not to get blown up

Mordu’s Legion site/mission idea

Idk who their enemies are in the lore, but maybe something similar to the edencom/concord/trig stuff

What about when new pirate ships are released? Sure, eventually other people that don’t have great standings with that pirate faction will get them, but it will take a bit, and having good standings gives you a head start

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