'Support' level alpha clone needed

Anybody dislike that you realistically need an alt to properly use capital ships in this game? That means you have to shell out 1.4B isk a month just to cyno your ship around. Granted you can have other humans do it for you, but realistically
most cap pilots want their own.

I’ve had alts before but I got tired of managing multiple skill queues and wanted to solely focus on one character since for me its more fun. I propose a ‘support’ level alpha clone that has the following restrictions:

  • New corvette class cyno ship. Can only fit a cyno in its single high slot and put ozone in cargo. High sig radius, 10s align time.

  • ‘Support’ alpha cannot enter low/null/wh space as a pod without being in special corvette. That corvette is the ONLY ship it can fly.

  • Can only log in at the same time as 1 omega account owned by the user.

  • All skills on the alpha clone are paused and unusable while in support role.

This would also ‘formalize’ the practice of using disposable corvettes to light cynos. One of the downsides would be that everyone gets a free scout but maybe that could be limited by removing local for the scout and only allowing dscan?

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So dual boxing becomes compulsory? One of the very things the alpha limits are in place to prevent.

Never going to happen.


Capital ships are supposed to have support, they’re not a one man show.

Working as intended.


If you fly caps and spending an “extra” 1.4 bil each month is an issue then you do it wrong. If your problem is only related to convenience then I can sympathize with that, though (some) others might just say htfu, but either way I think as the above poster noted it works as intended.


Your approaching a team game from the wrong angle

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ye can pay with real money, and capitals aren’t for poor people. if ya can’t afford silly 1.4 billion isk then maybe ya shouldn’t be flying a capital in the first place.



Aww diddums

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Pro tip have cyno alt be an sp farm sell sp every month buy plex with the isk. Free sp stunted cyno alt.


There are actually people who fly capitals and don’t have cyno alts. There are these things called GATES that capitals have been able to use for several years now.

This is a really dumb idea. A cyno alt costs a carrier pilot 20 minutes of “work” per day ( ie one whole 50 mil ratting tick). For that 20 minutes of ratting you get a second character that can let you move your ship without moving through gates.

If one doesn’t want to spend 20 minutes on such a huge advantage, then they could save 50 cents (USD) per day for a month and then spend that 15 bucks on a sub for the same cyno alt… It never ceases to amaze me how people want sweeping game changes because they are lazy or cheap.

Furthermore as the poster above you pointed out, one doesn’t even have to pay anything (after an initial set up that is) if skill extracts the cyno toon and just sells the blue goo for ISKs.

No. Go away.


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Not true, only loners with no friends need alts.

-1 No.


no you don’t get friends I can count on one hand the number of times cynoed my own capital and they were all freighters. if you want to circumvent this then I see no issue requiring a second toon

1.4B isk is loose change for me so its cost is not an issue. I just don’t like alts.

Hmm good idea i’ll look into that

so ccp please make it easier to use alts


what do you know it actually does come down to the isk

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constipation is dangerous, ye should see a doctor about that!

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