I just wanna murder people realistically, why is it so much to ask for?

Why? Tell me why!

Why can we not kill in peace? Why do we have to suffer from the whining of the killed? Is CCP even aware how unrealistic that is? Dead people don’t get to complain about it! Yet, because of this serious imbalance, dead people are freely allowed to complain about how someone killed them!

How does it make sense? In literally all of history ever, since the beginning of time, have dead people NOT ONCE complained about it! That’s a serious problem CCP should address, better sooner than later!

EVE’s said to be a jungle. A dog-eat-dog world. Everything goes. Kt’s real enough in the sense that it mimicks the laws of nature. The strong and smart eat the dumb and weak. Yet, what can only be called a significant oversight, CCP managed to forget that those who die should not be able to publicly complain about it, because they are dead.

I propose that those who lost their pod by unnatural cause should be punished by having both their forum access restricted to OOPE, or NPQA, for at least seven days.

I also propose tying forum access rights to the Activity Tracker, disallowing those who do not actively play any usage of the main forum sections, except NPQA.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Stop posting garbage.

Closed as a rant, and for lack of base content.