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“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”



Mining Guide at bottom of page <<<

If you are looking for a active and productive Indy Corp/Alliance to mine with please read on.

We also have PvE and PvP activities regularly going on in both High Sec and Low Sec.

In this Corp and through the Alliance we have High Sec and Low Sec moons up every day. Plus we have a few Low Sec Ice Belts in our area.

Our Corporation charges a low corp tax of .03% to help cover the alliance membership dues. The Alliance has set a 10% rate for Moon Mining in High Sec. In Low Sec the ABC Ore is free after the Moon Goo has been mined out. Ice Belts are free to mine and Alliance Members will gladly pay Jita Buyer Price for Ice.

Also many Alliance Members have their own Wormholes to farm P.I. From time to time there are vacancies to be filled in these WHs.

We use Discord and Teamspeak and are very social.

Apply in EVE to “Dead Jedi Sanctuary”

Our members are all friendly, helpful and share a good time together. Their ages generally start in the late 20s and a few members are over 60. Most members are running 4 or more Omega Accouts.

Apply in EVE to “Dead Jedi Sanctuary”

Our experienced veteran members help a new miner get out of a Venture that only earns a couple million ISK a day and into an Exhumer that earns 10s of millions of ISK a day.

~We are happy to supply new miners with a T1 Fitted Mining Barge and T1 Fitted Miasmos, Guidance and Training.

The economy within the cooperating alliances is strong where Indy Players have access to not only the local market but to other Indy Players for production support. **

Apply in EVE to “Dead Jedi Sanctuary”


Here is the quick path from a Venture to an Exhumer.

From Padawan to Master Miner…

ship: “Venture Basic” w/ Miner I, Survey Scanner I, Mining Laser Upgrade I
Required Skills:
~Mining Frigate I
~Spaceship Command I
~Mining III
~Mining Upgrades I

ship: “Venture Advanced” w/ Miner II, Survey Scanner II, Mining Laser Upgrade II
Required Skills:
~Mining IV
~Mining Upgrades IV
~CPU Management II

ship “Mining Barge” w/ Strip Miner I, Survey Scanner II, Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Barges - EVE University Wiki
Required Skills:
~OMEGA Account
~Astrogeology III
~Science IV
~Mining IV
~Mining Barge I
~Industry V
~Mining Frigate III
plus All Required Venture Skills

“Mining V” for “Modulated Strip Miner II” and “Mining Crystals”.

Additional Minimum Skills to start on:
~Tactical Shield Manipulation I
~Drones III
~Light Drone Operation I
~Mining Drone Operation I
~Jury Rigging III
~Drone Rigging
~Drone Interfacing
~Metallurgy V

** (“Mining Crystal II” requires lvl IV skills for the following)**
~Arkonor Processing
~Bistot Processing
~Crokite Processing
~Gneiss Processing
~Jaspet Processing
~Plagioclase Processing
~Spodumain Processing
~Common, Exceptional, Rare, Ubiquitous and Uncommon Moon Ore Processing

Apply in EVE to “Dead Jedi Sanctuary”

From EVE University “Creating an Alt Miner”

This will allow you to fly a Hulk with Strip Miner

Spaceship Command IV
18 hours

Industry II-V
5 days 2 hours 33 minutes

Mining IV
18 hours

Astrogeology I-IV
2 days 17 hours 35 minutes
No later than this point, plug in your +3 PER/WIL implants

Mining Frigate II-III
7.5 hours

Mining Barge I
30 minutes
At this point you can fly any mining barge fitted with Strip Miners I and a Survey Scanner II

Mining Barge II-V
20 days 14 hours

Astrogeology V
12 days 17 hours 25 minutes

Exhumers I-III
19 hours 19 minutes
And you’re ready to get into your Hulk (with Strip Miner I).

Must have EVE Web Links:



Apply in EVE to “Dead Jedi Sanctuary”


“Recruit Portion” is at the Top.
“Mining Guide” is at the bottom.


Good group of miners to get involved with, and there’s a lot of moons to mine

What time zones are you typically on?

Our members are mostly EU and NA Time Zones

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