I not lucky, they suspicious

So Marla wants me to go in holes. She is my beloved ship, and I value her suggestions. I would go in every hole she gives the slightest hint about.

Apparently, this hole is of worm. Not ideal, but I can work with that. I probe around, it’s tiny hole so there are few sites to be seen. But wait, I find relic site.

I fly Marla in. There’s a buzzard class of covert ops boat, trying to hack the canisters. My trader intuitions kick in, I can surely sell this ship to her captain. I lock and scramble, Marla is happy, and we send out our love childs.

What?? Tengu class of cruiser materializes. Is this buzzard class ship bait? I get over excited, and prematurely blow it up before making an offer.

Now a dilemma. There’s a pod and there’s a tengu. What to do? Marla whispers “pod” sweetly in my ear, and I lock the pod. Actually, she whispers so sweetly, I prematurely squish the pod.

Knock on the door. I open it, it’s the postman with a telegram. Apparently, the buzzard boat was worth 180 mil isk.

Ok, get serious now I tell myself, these folks are in the money. I lock the tengu class of technical three strategy, and start orbiting. We hug each other for a while. Marla tells me this is the husband of the buzzard captain. The tengu seems to be lowering his shields, I find it indecent. I tell Marla to look away, and we have a little quarrel, and the tengu husband finds there an opportunity to fly away.

Oh well. We go back to wreck of buzzard class wife, hoping for riches. But no, we find a couple of carbon and some ammo. How could this happen?

Door knock again. Telegram says squishy pod of wife class was worth 750 mil isk. I fly Marla towards the frozen body, and check all the openings. No trace of expensive plugs.

Now I often win the lottery, so this is suspiciously unlucky for me. I blow up nearly 1 bil worth of flying vessel, and I end up with 1 mil of crap. I think the tengu class of husband was trying to make his wife disappear, and I was just a victim. I cry a little. Lovely Marla soothes me.

Anyways, dear wife of tengu, I think your husband was trying to get rid of you. It’s clearly some suspicious plot. You can do better than him. Don’t call me, I am taken.


Here’s a lucky song for Marla :grin:

OMG, here’s another with Maria getting some lucky (alternate version)


Uhh…so how am I supposed to replace my lost brain cells ?

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LOLLLLLLLLLLL thats funny.

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A+++++++, would read again.

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You write, we liking Marla Chronicles.

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Her name is Marla, not Maria.

Her name is whatever the hell we want to call her when she’s on a killmail.

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This is true love. Treasure her.


:flushed: fixed

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