I not suspicious, I lucky

(Zaboshka) #1

So I fly around in my favorite ship, her name is Marla. I fly around in Marla.
I am brave, so I fly Marla into low-sec. I can take care of her. We jump and jump, looking for asteroids.

Then at 1314 hours, I jump the gate with Marla. We arrive in new solar system. Hello solar system.

What?? There is wreck of ship (not Marla) near the gate. Interesting!
We approach and take a peek at the wreck. Good loot!

I gather all loot, and shove it into Marla. I happy, Marla happy.
But apparently, somebody not happy.

My computer tells me I now flagged of suspicious.
This is ridiculous, as it is perfectly evident from above text of post that I was lucky, not suspicious.

So now anybody can shoot upon Marla, because I am supposedly suspicious.

Let me tell this once and for all:
If I was indeed really actually suspicious, I would play dirty with the loot I found, and put them back into the wreck.
That would be suspicious.

I was merely lucky, at the right place at the right time. I don’t understand why CCP labels me as suspicious.

I am writing this to kill the time, as I’m docked up for 15 minutes. Marla is getting impatient.
I am having a hard time explaining her why it’s suspicious to win the lottery.

I hereby activate my legal rights to protest this silly misunderstanding.

My blood runs cold, the imaginary voices in ma haid were right, I was wrong, but I got lucky
(Duo Roman) #2

You stole someone’s wreck, you got suspicious flag for stealing. Simple. It’s not misunderstanding.

If the wreck is yellow it is not yours to take. If you take it, you are stealing it.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #3

I love my ships, but the way you talk to yours is damn creepy.

(Toshka Mayday) #4

I am still laughing. Thank you for the writing.

(Zaboshka) #5

It’s not called suspicious flag, it’s suspect flag. Hence, it’s perfectly clear you’re not well versed in the laws of Eve.

Besides, I am color blind. The wreck was not yellow. It was purple with pink polka dots. Which is the universal color for lottery.

Please refrain yourself from trying to soil my legal case with your limited knowledge.

Marla says hi.

(Garresh) #6

“Okay Marla, now I want you to point to on the ship where Zaboshka touched you…”

(Jint Hikaru) #7


(Ima Wreckyou) #8

Best post in months, would read again :laughing:

(Ramona McCandless) #9

I was going to write that!

Seconded. Amazing work.

(Duo Roman) #10

Me was try to speak in a way you understand…

Sorry if me not effective :crazy_face:

(Billy McCandless) #11

Thee saym thing harpened two mee. Eye wus flaying thro spase and eye sore a kan florting bee four my eise and eye thort
"Oh luke a kan and it is ful of geer. Maybee eye can get it bak two it ownre"
Butt wen i luked in the kan and toke teh stuff frim the kan it sayed
"Yoo is a badd boi billeh an the polis are cummin"
And then eye bloo up and becam an egge.

(Azazel Drakonis) #12

This is one of the most entertaining posts I’ve ever read on this forum…you made my day

(Anjyl Took) #13

If you really are lucky, then no one is around you to shoot you for the duration of your suspect flag, and there is no problem. If someone is around and you get shot, then you and Marla were not really lucky.

(Nana Skalski) #14

You lucky and suspicious simultanously. You take stuff from yellow wreck: you suspicious. Stuff is owner property. But when you can do it and keep stuff: you also lucky.

(bbb2020) #15

What an absolutely great post. For that I salute you.

Dude. You just told us you were in low sec. Just saying :wink:

(Adam Cornavin) #16

Made my lunch-hour complete, this has. :laughing:

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #17

Now that is how you make a proper ■■■■ post
Would read again

(yellow parasol) #18

Great read, thanks OP! :laughing:

(Flamby) #19

Full of suspiciously lucky wins is this poast!

(Cartheron Crust) #20

I came, I saw, I suspicious.