I propose renaming Niarja to Thunderdome

I would recommend both. Enterprise…well…I won’t spoil it but stay with it until the end…

Farscape, Babylon5, and latest Battlestar Galactica as well.

Warframe and Planetside2. Both for a number of years now. I tend to find a few games I like and stay with them for some time.
Warframe upcoming (free, like EvE, \o/) expansion gameplay:

Warframe from 2019:


A fairly decent intro-type video:

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I was in the top 5 on Jaeger for a few months when the game was new!

Haven’t played in a few years. Is it still fun? Are the battles still large, or has it died down a bit?

It is still fun, imo. It actually seems to be having a bit of a rejuvination after, frankly, some years of slow decline. Sony has been gone for years and awhile back the owner co. partnered with another game company and many things and aspects to the game are new and revitalised.
The battles don’t rage on every continent simultaneously 24/7 like in it’s heyday, but the whole system is different now.
The newer changes seem to be attracting old players back and some fresh blood also, so guess we’ll see what happens.

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I know PS2 and Warframe. Haven’t played either in ages.
PS2 was my first “open world” shooter and I really liked that.
Moving by foot or car between bases, always finding someone who does the same.
It’s a bit like suicide ganking, but sneakier.

After DS9 I’ll stop watching stuff for a few a while again.

Oh, btw … I was talking about the fact that pointing out that wrestling is scripted is dumb.

This isn’t the 90s anymore.

Everything is fake …
… but at least wrestlers don’t need stunt men.

It makes you look like you believe many things on TV aren’t scripted at all.

Yes, it really does.

Welcome to 2020.

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