I propose renaming Niarja to Thunderdome


We already have a whole server named that.


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If you rearrange the letters of “niarja” you get “in a jar”, which is exactly how you feel when you jump in and then realize that all of the gates are camped.

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Considering it’s owned by the Triglavians and that ships that enter tend to ‘disappear’ under mysterious circumstances I’d say ‘Bermuda Triangle’ would be a perfect name.

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I was thinking turkey shoot!

:red_circle: A thunderdome requires more than just tackling frigates on gates, you know? Besides, Niarja is already dying down. Only 24 now in system according to the map.

That server is just as dead as all the Final Loon systems. :rofl: Good analogy, I must admit.


Taserface :rofl:

Did you get that idea from WWE?

This is the new WWE Thunderdome concept:

Nice idea, but the dystopian vibes are huge.

Note: These are not blended into the image.
The audience is literally displays of people watching the stream.

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Why is the same face on, like, 8 different displays?

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He’s multiboxing.


That was TEST. It was just a testing phase when this was leaked. I watched highlights and I didn’t see duplicates like this.

Did the hippie lumberjack with the plaid win?

Didn’t see that one in the highlights

This is just from an internal test, so that’s likely the explanation.

Agree they sure are.

Whoever the script said would win won.

Do you always do this?
For everything you see on TV, every series and movie?

Because, in case you didn’t know … it’s all scripted.
It’s not just wrestling that’s scripted.
Even the “reality” shows are scripted.

I thought nowadays, in 2020, it’d be obvious to everyone already.

But hey, you know what the best part about this is?

Wrestlers don’t use stunt men.

In a sense, that makes wrestling more real than most things you’ve ever watched …
… except Jackie Chan movies. : - )

Some of the reality shows seem like there is some flexibility in the script. As in, somebody might get eliminated in shows 5-10, but the judges get to decide the exact timing.

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Do what? Agree with you? No, but probably more often than not.

Don’t watch much TV myself, I prefer wasting my life on my video game hobby…and posting on the forums of video games I play…

I only watch stuff on netflix every now and then.
You’re doing it right.

Right now I’ve started watching DS9. Some time early this year I’ve started with voyager,
then went to TNG some months later and now I’m at DS9.
Not sure if I’m going to watch TOS or Enterprise.

Had no idea how good DS9 is!

WWE is like EVE, though. I’m not actively watching/playing,
but always interested in what’s going on.

What other video games do you play?