I sell Pi

I can fulfill pretty large orders. I’m not interested in the sale orders rat race. I’m often able to produce as much p3 or p4 as there are buy orders. So if you want to under cut sell prices with a guaranteed supplier. Let me know.

These services will be dependent upon market factors. You’ll have to compete against other open buyers.

But I’m frequently cashing out all Jita buy orders for select product. So if you want to be one of them. Let me know. Or put up an order.

If you need a specific product you’ll have to compete against what’s already profitable. But feel free to inquire. EvEmail or ask here and I’ll investigate viability.

I’d say move this to the Sales section or the Services

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I don’t know If Im the one who can move it.

I wasn’t sure if it should be there. Because this is an advertisement of a service, not a specific sell ad.

There’s a services tab too. But since you’re selling a product, and the general Sales Ad section is more popular you’ll probably want to post it there. Report your post as off-topic and an ISD will move it for you.

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You can also just ask by going @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode, please move my thread.

Also, thread moved.

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