I used ChatGPT on the triglavians

I Asked ChatGPT about the meaning of the word Pouchven. After I got a sufficient response that tells me it does indeed know what I am talking about I asked it about the names of the triglavian ships.

Currently there are four triglavian ships players do not have access to.
Koliada - Seems like a triglavian variant of a Venture based on where it’s seen.
Potremba - Seems like a hauler or mining barge. Possibly both.
Stribozha - A Tanker version of the above ship. Similar roles. Possibly even a triglavian version of the Orca.
Xordazh - World ark, speculated to be similar to our current titans.

THEN I went one step further. I asked it what future Triglavian ship names CCP might give to future ships. It gave me three.

Miroslav - This name combines elements of Slavic names. “Miro” means “peace” or “world,” while “slav” is a common element in Slavic names meaning “glory” or “fame.” The combination could represent a ship that brings its own form of influence and impact to the game’s universe, in line with the enigmatic nature of the Triglavians.

This Might possibly be a FAX?

Perunov - This name draws inspiration from the Slavic god Perun, who is associated with thunder, lightning, war, and protection. The suffix “-ov” is a common ending in Slavic surnames, indicating “belonging to” or “descendant of.” The name “Perunov” could evoke a sense of power, protection, and authority, fitting for a ship within the Triglavian Collective’s fleet.

Command ship? This might end up being the name of the T2 Drekavak

Morozhna - This name takes inspiration from the Russian word “мороз” (moroz), which means “frost” or “cold.” The “-na” suffix could indicate association or belonging. “Morozhna” could evoke an icy or chilling presence, in line with the mysterious and otherworldly nature of the Triglavian Collective.

This feels like the name of an Ewar ship. But considering the nature of Triglavian ships already having this capability as their role bonus. I wouldn’t speculate too much into that. I honestly have no idea where this one even could go.
EDIT: Triglavian dictor/HIC. :slight_smile:


Yes, there are ships capsuleers cant fly, but there are models in game, the trig haulers/industrials.

This is why Time Travellers are always told not to take any action that might disrupt the time line.

Now, because you’ve done this, CCP will not use those ship names.

If you had not intervened, they might have.

The Time Police might come after you for this and it’ll be your own fault.


Sir I am offended that you think time travel so is universally available to the masses… Also there are no time police. We will find out why tomorrow.

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Also, if these names are for tech 2 versions, they cant be slavic, as empires make them.

Only unmodified by empires trig ships have slavic names.
So any dictor/HIC/command ship would have empire scheme name.

FAX could be slavic name. Together with anything you would introduce as new class of ship, used by trigs. There could be bombers instead of stealth bombers. Or scouts using cloak but having no scan probe bonuses, etc.

Yes and no.
Zarmazd - This name appears to draw from Zoroastrianism, as “Zurvan” or “Zarmazd” is a deity in that religion.

Ikitursa - The origin of this name is less clear, but it might be a combination of various linguistic elements.
I informed ChatGPT that these were not developed by the triglavians, it just got stuck and gave me a non-answer.

Persian is satem language, so it could have been chosen as closer to slavic, yet, no slavic, indeed.

Ikitursa is finnish.

About Chat GPT: it will not give you right answers if it doesnt know the answer. It can even fake stories or things. If you ask it the tldr of books that were not given it to “read”, it will make something up. It can make stories. It doesnt always say “I dont know”, but it will give you answer thats completely made up, because it assembles answers, is not trained to become a fack checking machine.

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True, but that’s not the point of the Original post.
I’m not trying to state absolute fact or absolute prediction here.
I just took what we already know and got ChatGPT to make a prediction.

These predictions were given without asking it about the Koliada, Potremba or Stribozha. In fact after asking it the AI doesn’t seem to know what those even are as far as the game is concerned.

With my line of questioning whenever the AI doesn’t appear to know something it defaults to saying it’s last knowledge of anything blah, blah, blah is before 2021 September.

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As someone who is familiar with slavic language, these proposed by Chat GPT are too common. They are like names given to common people. Miroslav is a first name already. Perunov would be a surname. Morozhna would be a surname too. If trigs would have names, these would be their first names and surnames. For ships something mythical would be needed.


:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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You can ask Chat GPT about mythical slavic creatures.


Take those names I asked you to predict. But instead of names of gods, weather or actions, Make predictions where the names are of mythical slavic creatures.


Certainly, here are hypothetical ship names in the style of mythical Slavic creatures for the Triglavian Collective in EVE Online:

  1. Koliada - Koliada is a mythical figure associated with the winter solstice in Slavic folklore. It could represent a ship that harnesses the power of celestial events or the coldness of space.
  2. Potremba - Potremba might be inspired by the “Potryasayka,” a supernatural being that shakes the earth, causing earthquakes. This ship name could imply a vessel that disrupts and influences the fabric of space.
  3. Stribozha - Stribozha could draw from the “Stribog,” a deity of the winds in Slavic mythology. This ship might be associated with swiftness, maneuverability, and the power of the air.

Ok so I asked it for another few. I ommited most of the responses for obvious reasons

  1. Drekavac We have this
  2. Rusalka might be a triglavian cloaky ship… possibly a blops?
  3. Leshy We have this
  4. Koschei Meaning seems to imply a Marauder?
  5. Domovoi FAX?

Yeah now he has to face Van Damme himself. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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  1. Leshyvis: A battleship with the cunning of the Leshy, a woodland spirit.
  2. Rusalkav: A cruiser echoing the enchanting allure of the Rusalka.
  3. Zmeyix: A frigate embodying the serpentine power of the Zmey Gorynych.
  4. Domovikor: A covert ops ship channeling the protective nature of the Domovoi.
  5. Vodyanix: A support vessel drawing from the water-dwelling Vodyanoy.
  6. Bannikov: A battleship inspired by the vigilant Bannik, guardian of bathhouses.
  7. Koshchav: A reconnaissance ship reflecting the deceptive Koshchei the Deathless.
  8. Topielix: A cruiser embodying the treacherous waters of the Topielec.
  9. Likhostrum: A command ship capturing the fierce energy of the Likho.
  10. Psoglavix: A heavy assault ship channeling the ferocity of the Psoglav.

How’d mine do? I’m gonna ignore the fact that some of them are already in the game lol

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Gas scoops with spooling mechanics?
This would actually convince me to retire my mining links Bifrost for a Porpoise or Orca on my huffing fleets.

This sounds like a ship that would change real space into abyssal space… or create a bridge between the two … like the world arc did in that cinematic with the 3 players in frigates.

I will mention that while these ships look like mining/transport ships, during the triglavian invasion they did their mining with deployable mining platforms. Like a mobile tractor unit but it mines out the asteroid belt.

Living entirely on sorrel leaves and mirabelle plums apparently.

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