Triglavian Ship Naming Convention

I have named my first Triglavian ship the Trivak Ulmina.

What have you named yours?

What types of Triglavian based names would fit into the Triglavian language to name our ships with?

Mine was a vedmak and named her Normandy. She gots 47 kill marks and still alive

I expect to see a lot of cykas, blyats and idi nahuis or other memetic slav “names.”


There are many fancy slavic names.

These seems fitting:

And lower, those dithematic ones. You can create some yourself, like: Krasikaz, Ostrorad. Fantasy, not real.

That means there is the possibility that some day we’ll see a triglavian battleship called The Salvosher? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The Salvosher of threads wil be forever remembered. And his attempts to get the most replys in the threads by posting a response for every each reply for days and days. :chillparrot:

Tolkien created numerous languages for his Lord of the Rings series of books based on real world languages. Since Eve Online is based out of Iceland I seriously doubt that CCP would have a naming convention based in Slovakian origins.

Seeing as how your characters name isn’t even on the zkillboard list Abib is definitely a Troll/Flame bot that you use to mask your real character.

So many hiding and using alts to try to disguise there whereabouts! How sad of you!

Please stay on topic. Thank you.

I am looking for real linguists and literary people who know the ins and outs of how a language is structured. Please go smoke the afterburner on someone else’s ship if cannot contribute.


I wonder what I should name my Triglavian Battleship when I get it?

I’ll name mine the Shashlik King, in reference to Slavic god Borris.

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