Triglavian Titan concept

I’m aware of many different posts and concepts about this but never seen this one:
Name: Triglav (literally)
Specifications: Since triglav means ‘three headed’ in slavic languages, it is only fitting if the Triglav titan had the capacity for three Entropic Disintegrators. And other titan worthy stats…

I was thinking maybe some specialized dreadnought class or a new class entirely. Something like ‘Executor class’ or ‘Singularity class’ for horrific battlefield presence that can tank and redirect enemy targeting to it while dishing out three disintegrators.

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If the Triglavian Titan is named Triglav, then a pilot by the name of Ebo could pilot one equipted with a golden skin to save it from destrustion.

In before “where is my Guristas Titan”…

Where’s my Sansha titan?

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There are so many (pvp) ships in the game that adding another one will have marginal impact. However, adding a new ship does not take much work, so why not.

But we need new ideas, that are more original and actually moves EVE online forward so to speak.

I suggest an ORE Titan. Used for mining, industry and hauling. Economic things.

An ORE Titan… I can almost hear the screams of terror, lol.

Its called a Komodo and already exists

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