Triglavian Titan Idea

We all know of the Triglavian World Ark.

I know that people what this ship to be able to be piloted by players, however I don’t think this ship work though with the current game if it was a piloted ship.
The world ark’s only purpose is to activate a portal to allow ships to go through, but we already have cyno’s and other built in jump drives to do this, so it sort of defeats the purpose of it’s existence. You could have that the ship can make a bridge 15ly away instead 5ly and it could bridge capital ships for example.
But since the world ark is part of the (Xordazh-Class) means there could be another titan that more adept to combat and not fully stuck as a pure support class. It could have instead of a portal, it could have an EMP based superweapon that ships in an area caught in the blast, have targets unlocked instantly, drones/fighters disconnected and most importantly movement is immediately stopped for 5 mins within area. This would mean that using loads of frigates to kill the titan wouldn’t work since they just sitting ducks. Anyway that was one idea.
But the fact that it is a Class suggests that there could be other variants, if you have ideas, state them in the comments.

Prefer to get;

command ship,
Blackops or marauder
Indie ships

Flesh out the subcap ships first, we’ve got the Dreadnought which has limited use.

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T3C too. Man I rlly want a trig T3C


Even the T3D

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I expect in due time we might see Trigs get more ships but i doubt we will get a Titan would be nice to see a slightly smaller World Ark used as one tho.

hey dude o/

honestly I do genuinely love this idea, I 10 million % agree that we as players should have a different looking titan

personally if i’m going to fly a trig titan, i want it to look awesome.

lets be honest as capsuleers part of the reason we fly the ships we fly is because of how they look.

personally i’m curious to see where things go in the future with the trigs, knowing their tech is different from ours, its possible they can take working concepts from our tech and implement it into their own.

could make for some interesting dynamics

i personally want to see the T3 ships, blops and all the unreleased subcaps come into play too though.

a trig stealthbomber would be sweet as hell!

There’s only one version of a Leviathan-class Titan. There’s 4 different (non-pirate) titans, but Xordazh-class doesn’t imply anything of that.

And no you can’t have a weapon that turns everything in the blast radius into free kills for 5 minutes. I don’t know if you intend them to be able to relock but max speed to 0 means that all non-Caldari dreads and titans will now apply perfectly to any subcap.

yeah you’re right.

if i understand the lore correctly Trig’s don’t have Cyno technology, they use filaments.
i would personally like to see the Trigs develop a “filament cyno”

where their titan lights a filament cyno

and you as a player can then use a “titan filament” and in any ship, from anywhere in the universe (providing you’re in fleet of course)
can jump straight to the titan, landing on grid tidi permitting.

regarding a titan dooms day weapon, I have no idea, but i just hope its cool!

Fair enough, now that I think about it it does seem rather op. I was thinking something along the lines of an EMP based superweapon or a support superweapon similar to the Rorquals.

I think the Deviant Automata Supressor could be upgraded to be a slightly more effective Triglavian super weapon.
And maybe a module that consumes deadspace filaments to produce large clouds with effects respective to the filaments’.

That actually sounds like a really cool idea, Using abyssal filaments it creates an area around itself similar to that of the filament and the difficulty tier of the filament can alter either range of the affected area or the strength of the affected area.

I imagine these as a more nasty, Triglavian version of the Spatial Phenomena Generator. Also, it would be cool to change the skybox to match the filament, while you’re under it’s effect.
I think the tier should be tied to the strength of the effect, so people need to farm high level filaments to make it more powerful, which I think is more difficult/time consuming than making isotopes for the normal titans.

I am fascinated by the direction of this post. I’d like to hear more.

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