Triglavian Titan Idea

We all know of the Triglavian World Ark.

I know that people what this ship to be able to be piloted by players, however I don’t think this ship work though with the current game if it was a piloted ship.
The world ark’s only purpose is to activate a portal to allow ships to go through, but we already have cyno’s and other built in jump drives to do this, so it sort of defeats the purpose of it’s existence. You could have that the ship can make a bridge 15ly away instead 5ly and it could bridge capital ships for example.
But since the world ark is part of the (Xordazh-Class) means there could be another titan that more adept to combat and not fully stuck as a pure support class. It could have instead of a portal, it could have an EMP based superweapon that ships in an area caught in the blast, have targets unlocked instantly, drones/fighters disconnected and most importantly movement is immediately stopped for 5 mins within area. This would mean that using loads of frigates to kill the titan wouldn’t work since they just sitting ducks. Anyway that was one idea.
But the fact that it is a Class suggests that there could be other variants, if you have ideas, state them in the comments.

Prefer to get;

command ship,
Blackops or marauder
Indie ships

Flesh out the subcap ships first, we’ve got the Dreadnought which has limited use.

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T3C too. Man I rlly want a trig T3C

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Even the T3D

I expect in due time we might see Trigs get more ships but i doubt we will get a Titan would be nice to see a slightly smaller World Ark used as one tho.