Triglavian World Ark? XD

An idea came to me a while ago to make the triglavian world ark accessible by players and how to not make it extremely OP. So first off, I think an introduction to ship crews can be a great idea. By that, i mean that the World ark is only pilotable when multiple players are on board the ship.
1 pilot for weapons
1 pilot for propulsion
1 pilot for tanking
1 captain for commands
The triglavian world ark should also come with a completly new Doomsday, one that might resemble the weapon seen in the movie Enders Game, or even, the one seen on citadels in game. Furthermore, the triglavian world ark can open up triglavian portals, similar to the one used in the proving site. Players in the same fleet as the world ark should also be able to dock (as in a station) to the world ark. It would be pilotable by both Alpha pilots and Omega pilots alike. Only the character in the command position needs to have the skills required for the ship and only his skills affect the ships’ performance. (as he is the captain)
the world ark would kind of be like a moving station/deathstar.
Unlike the other triglavian ships, this ship should have the ability to fit more than one weapon. I would suggest missile launchers, as seen on the triglavian NPCs. Hereby making the weapons pilot more important.
Pros of such a ship:
-Powerful addition to a fleet
-Quick fleet support (docking)

Cons of such a ship:
-Requires multiple pilots
-Each use of the triglavian jump portal has a 5% chance of spawning one drifter battleship (stupid idea lol)
-Not affected by command bursts (not even its own)

Here are some suggested stats, should this ship be added to the game:

10% to XL entropic disintegrator damage
5% to XL entropic disintegrator rate of fire
25% to armor command burst effect
+3 to warp core strength
25% to triglavian fighter speed, hp and damage (yes, those would be so much fun too)
5% to armor resistances
+3 to pilots needed

Role bonuses:
Can fit Triglavian jump portal
Can use Doomsday device
Can fit clone vat bay
Fleet members can dock

Shield HP: 600k basic resistance: EM: 5% Kinetic 20% Thermal 25% Explosive: 20%
Armor HP: 600k basic resistances: EM 20% Kinetic 15% Thermal 10% Explosive 5%
Hull HP: 700k Basic resistances: None

Align time: 180 seconds
Warp speed: 2AU/S
Maximum Velocity: 100m/s
Hangar Maximum Ship size: Battleship
Sensor strength: i have no idea, you decide CCP :slight_smile:

Well, this concludes my idea, in all, i think that piloting a single ship with diffrent people can be some seriously intersting content and a new challenge to all of the EVE Online community

Hope to see this ship in space one day

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I’t be cool to have multi player ships but this is not the way.


Triglavians like the number three, so any more or less than three players is a no. I like the idea of multi-capsuleer ships a lot but this isn’t the sort of implementation I’d like to see.

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I would just use an alt for all of these tbh.

what would you suggest then?

I would suggest no gimmicky crap like this to begin with.

HAHAHA yeah i guess. I do think the command one is a bit useless but you know, a ship needs its captain.

but but but… world ark??

but but but… terrible gimmicky ideas that serve no purpose?

do titans serve a purpose? yes. This is like a big moving battlestation. Plus, it looks awesome :slight_smile:

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What purpose would this serve other than “look awesome”?

say you are planning a major attack on a station situated 15 jumps away from you. Instead of warping in and out to repair, get supplies etc etc. This ship can do it all. Dock, instant repair. Un dock, get back in the fight. On a plus side, It can trick the enemy into thinking your fleet is, for example, 25 strong, but there is 25 more docked inside the ark. see? useful

You’ve never actually been part of a “major attack” on a station, have you?

ok, then tell me, whats the use of a titan?

and do realize that i am trying to introduce the new concept of co-op piloting. This is a new content that might just attract more players.

Coordinated Doomsdays to kill other Titans before reps are able to keep them alive.

Long range weapons to snipe at Citadels from outside Citadel lock ranges.

Local short range Boson Doomsdays to clear out Dread drops.

Now, instead of dodging the question, please answer it. You’ve never actually been part of a “major attack” on a station, have you?

Ok… why should I care?
Why does EVE need co-op piloting? What purpose does it serve?

now instead of trying to question me on my experience, stop criticizing others ideas. What point are you trying to prove here? On a side note, if titans can snipe outside citadel lock ranges, coordinate doomsdays, why cant this ship do the same?

I’m trying to prove that your “purpose” for this ship doesn’t actually exist. You have a silly idea of how you think the game works, when in reality, it doesn’t work that way. And now you’re trying to shoehorn your idea into the game based on a misconception of how it works.

Because the dumb gimmick here is co-pilots. Which is why I’m asking, “what purpose does this serve?”
If your idea is “this does what a Titan already does”, then why does it need co-pilots? What’s the point?

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there is something called content, thats mainly what sets games apart. If a game’s updates is a constant cliche, it will not attract more players. Take the now dead game, Fortnite, they introduced a lot of features in there early stages to attract more players, which they did. They then went into a constant cliche update streak, that completly ruined the game.