I want my two dollars

…and 24 cents. This 48 hour sale is not being implemented. I brought it all the way to checkout and no discount is showing up. Am I missing something?

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Trick or Treat has been extended. :spider_web: :ghost: :jack_o_lantern: :skull: :spider_web:

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File a support ticket.

I believe the offer listed in the launcher, if that is the offer you are referencing, is only found in the NES.

From what you’ve written, I’d say you’re looking at purchasing it through the account management interface.


On the 28th of december this account’s subscription ends and I wanted to sub two accounts that day for synchronizity. Now I have to sub them one day earlier and the space-time continuum comes out of balance. :frowning:

Better off Dead, good call

The 30 days just gets added on

…$2.24…ok, Karen… :roll_eyes:

This is sale for game time with PLEX. Funny that you completed order without even looking what you are ordering

I know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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