Request for Current Subscription Sale

Please apply the sale to all of the various subscription time periods. It’s fine if the discounts are adjusted to mirror the 1-month discount currently taking place (e.g. $31.41 for the 3-month period).

The store is currently very laggy and barely usable, and being forced to push through 1-month sub purchases one at a time is going to be bad for everyone.

Here’s all I’m seeing now:



No one is forcing you to do anything, FOMO girl.

Take a few hours off and mine memes or something until the panic buying has eased up. It’s not a three hour sale. It’s a three day sale.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Actually, there’s a daily transaction limit in the store for the same item, so if you want to get a year’s worth of discounted subs, you kind of have to take advantage of all 3 days.

I don’t know if it applies to subs, but I don’t want to find out that it does the hard way.


btw plex prices are craaazy on the market … subscription rising , plex game time conversion discounts, we are doomed

I’m not really sure what your intentions are. Perhaps you could clarify.

Are you saying you want to buy a dozen one month specials per acct instead of buying a year sub? A savings of a whopping 48 cents a month.

Or are you saying you want to buy a one month special for however many accts you are currently farming?

Or a third option that’s not occurring to me?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yes, for a few accounts (so it would stack up).

Also yes, because I usually sub my (fairly small) farm 1-2 times a year during events like the anniversary and Christmas to take advantage of good rewards and to extract the SP. And I also have some additional alts I want to sub for smaller periods of time (e.g. ganking alt).

Right now I can’t do any of these things because the store doesn’t work.

I want CCP to apply the discount to other sub periods so that it would be possible to accomplish this in fewer transactions, and this would also take a lot of load off of the store.

It’s working fine. Just not for you.

You know full well that if it wasn’t working, there’d be a dozen threads started. But there isn’t. Only just the one.

At the very least, there’d be a whole lot of angry twats dogpiling into this one. But there isn’t. Only just you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

There’s a tech help section thread made by someone else about this as well. The issues started a few days ago, but are much worse now with whatever is going on. Even if it’s some kind of regional thing (my landline and phone connections both get the same issues), it’s unlikely that I’d be the only one affected.

Also, asking for the discount to be applied to other subscription terms in order to be able to buy the same amount of subs without needing so many transactions is a reasonable request. It’s not like I’m asking for a bigger discount; just the ability to use the store, conveniently.

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