I want to wear female clothes

Why can’t I wear female clothes on my male character , use makeup and such ?

Seriously , at least in rl you have the option to do a sex change and such, but in Eve since i can only reshape my char and not change sex , can we at least have the option to use female apparel and cosmetics ?

Things happend and I have rediscovered myself…


Because character model system doesn’t allow for it?
You would end up with horrendous clipping

This being called himself gonorrhea. I believe clipping is the least of their issues.

Seriously, in EVE you can just create a new female character with nearly the exact same attributes as your existing male character and play sex change. How about you use the existing tool to experiment with your sexuality?

No . I already have female alts, but it just doesn’t cut off for me , it’s not the same thing as the main character, it’s also a matter of personality.

How about you stop posting just for the sake of posting .

FFS ! I am trapped in this male body , god damn it !

You are neither male or female, you are an internet spaceship. :stuck_out_tongue: :rocket:


Now it’s just about roleplay for me … apparel , monocles and dreams of walking in stations and so.

I was a Drake , and then I met Fozzie …

They have not updated the Avator system for ages… needs a complete overhaul but i can see this never happening…

Such a shame really its completely outdated. I would like to see it shift to more like The Sims 4 with loads of clothers designs…

Just can’t see it happening due to WIS not happening.

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This will only happen when we, collectively, decide it’s something we want to have, and pay for. I doubt this will happen anytime soon. However with our new corprate overlords, never say never.

I’ve always dreamt of stations like Star Citizen , where you can interract with both players and NPCs alike, have personal quarters , shops, casinos, bars and so. I want to touch players, feel that Eve is real .

Sounds to me that you need to attend next year’s EVEVegas in costume…

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Post with your main please .

Don’t you want my love ? :roll_eyes:

I want chest hair and more open tops for males. We both want things we aren’t gonna get because its way more important for the devs to be working on ways to explode more space pixels.

We can dream though. They can’t take that from us…

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CCP announces an end to the CSM and an end to the dreams of capsuleers all over new eden

While I fundamentally disagree with your point of view, the OP is going to have struggles gaining development traction on this request–not just from a character rigging standpoint.

Under management from Pearl Abyss, CCP and partner NetEase are working to have a smooth re-release of Eve in China. Subject matter that governmental publishing authorities deem subversive will jeopardize the chances of getting ISBN publication code approved.

Clearly China doesn’t disagree with me fundamentally speaking.

That isnt a recomendation for your position.

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The Holy Amarrian Scriptures hold the answer to every situation. :slight_smile:

You speak about God . They say God is nothing but love, but what kind of cruelty is that for me to be trapped in a male body ? What kind of a sick joke is this ? If there’s a god, he’s certainly a sadist , laughing his ass off …