I wish there was an easier way to tell how crowded planets are

I like the changes to PI, but I really wish there was a way to tell how crowded planets are. I know you can do the right click thing and look, but other colonies are really dim and hard to see. This is especially true considering you have to click the other Command Centers to see the structures. and it’s a lot of hassle just to see if the [insert type here] planet is crowded for 1 resource when there is a possibly perfectly good duplicate planet in the system.


Adjust the sliders so that the entire planet is white. Then right click.

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Just right-click on the surface of any planet and select “Show other players networks”, and you will see any other Command Centers. You can click on them and you’ll be able to see how many installations each have.


Ty, I’ve been trying to remember how to enable this for so long.

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Does it really even matter? Does the game really consume resources dynamically?

Maybe I never noticed it in low sec.

Does the game really consume resources dynamically?

If by this, you are asking if the more extractor heads on a hot spot across multiple people’s colonies means a resource depletes faster, then yes.

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