Planetary Interaction: Black Mode

Sometimes it can be hard to see the resource heat map against the color/texture of the planet’s surface. For example, it can be hard to see blue on Oceanic, White on Ice, White/Red on Lava, etc. I propose we add a button (next to the button that centers the camera on the command center) which toggles between the surface of the planet and a solid black surface against which it is extremely easy to view the resource heat map on any planet.

Anyone heavily into PI (36 planets here) will greatly appreciate the feature. Anyone who has ever “lost” a building on a planet because it blended in with the planet surface and painstakingly searched the planet for it, missing it several times before it was found, will also enjoy this feature.

This issue is plagues whole game and not only PI. The most sensible solution, imo, would be to add either shadows to the text/objects or some contrast outline so it can be read/seen regardless of background.

I’m not complaining about reading the text (although yes, you are correct a light shadow background would help). I’m talking about the actual heat map that shows you the density of resources on the planet.

Unless doing PI in highsec, which I doubt you are, you have difficulty seeing concentrations?

I have a coupon for glasses somewhere?

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