I would like a roll back of this game to pre-Revelation

There should be an option of a server for this. The population dived and the alphas were introduceds to create false statistics as the free trial is downloaded often.

Player retention has taken a nuke to the face and really there should be a trial for this. Long term players, no trigavalian tacked on ■■■■…just keep graphic improvements and get rid of citadel capture the flag…

ccp hasn’t released statistics of who is subbed since 2014, way before alphas… and at the peak of 2013/2014 they had upwards of 500k subs.

Ive no idea what the population of players in game is like but I do have an accurate counter for the forums;


The sad thing is that this one day old forum alt will succeed in turning this into a threadnaught.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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But why?

I agree with myself, thanks.
It was when the game was fun and certainly a time when there was a highest amount of outright players quitting when they decided to upend many people’s gameplay.
If you don’t see what’s happened, you’re not too bright or new.

I don’t care about this nerf arena…Just sayin’ it was better once.

Which build would you specifically desire for your EvE Classic?

Speaking of which, when the new coke came out reember what happened?

This was pushed on playesr and the alpha idea was to keep eve’s stats at top downloaded when there’s shitty games, like always now.

Pre-Revelations is too early though. The game was perfect right around the Apocrypha/Dominion/Tyrannis era, right before incursions were released.

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Im fascinated by this New Coke analogy.

I thought it failed cos no one drank it. Yet plenty of folk are drinking what CCP is brewing

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CCP ruined it yet made it perfect for themselves. High turnover and lots of people buying new packs, plex and injectors etc…perfect strategy to keep an autonomous money machine, but it ruined the game.

I’d like Revelation with whatever added in minus the suspect ■■■■…it ruined Hek as a hub…so much to convey that doesn’t matter…you know?

so CCP is making bank, and you think its ruined? Sure ok

It is now designed for a fast turnover as people get bored of it quick. You’re just being an annoyance because you can.

That’s fine, enjoy.

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