I would like to change the position of my POS

I would like to pitch an idea, I’m new to the forums so I’m not sure where to put it, but I anchored my starbase out of position and would like the feature of being able to rotate it, this would allow me to line it up with the nearby asteroid belt and the stargate to the next system. However because the starbase has already been built and anchored into position I think to make it feel like the station is rotating the rotational position change should take maybe an hour or two this will make it feel like you are actually rotating a very large object.

Anyway that’s just my thoughts it would definitely help with my issue of misalignment and I’m reasonably confident that I’m not the only one with this minor inconvenience

POS are now fully depreciated and will be removed from the game in the not too far distant future - certainly won’t be any additional development of the feature. Alignment for a POS is really not relevant since you can’t dock and the forcefield is spherical - the same in all directions. The location of POS is fixed - there is a single point at each moon where they can be anchored

The replacement Upwell structures can be aligned during the launch process.

The proper place for this post is probably player features & ideas

I do apologize I had gotten POS mixed up with Player Owned Structure or Citadel.

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