Ice moons

Make it a thing. Can use the athanor on an ice moon. No change to mechanic. Just give us that.


I could go for that provided ice stays in its current regions eg:high sec ice only in high sec.


Additional supply, no additional demand = lower price. As someone who consumes lots of fuel I would certainly benefit but miners selling their product into a saturated market might disapprove!


Maybe… 3 moons per constellation?

Maybe if the moons replaced the existing belts - would certainly give people something to fight over, but that would mainly benefit the large power blocs. I’d prefer a new mechanic to add some variety to mining - perhaps Kuiper belts featuring some of the tech they’ve developed for Abyssal space.

Like R64, ice moons would be only benefits to larger alliances who could control the market….

Actual system is really fine to me… Higher risks than mining ore athanors but sometimes better profit. And as ice belts are dispatched all over New eden and sometimes not even mined, it is difficult to control such market. It is available to everybody.

First, wrecks don’t yield minerals, so… yea.

Second, even if you did manage to get your minerals from loot and such - which I highly doubt - where do you think those come from? Manifest out of thin air? No, dumbass, they are built from materials mined. If there are no miners, and they stop being able to build ships, where will you get your mats then?

Third, I can’t even describe how little I care about your target list.

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That would be kinda cool, Ice-moons rather than Ice-belts.

up vote that

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I agree with some of the comments from others about benefiting major power blocks. However I think you could balance it with the Kuiper belt idea or something like Saturn’s rings.

You could replace current belt systems with this so the balance of quantity is still there. Then the Ice is in a large Kuiper belt or planetary ring system. The structure “pulls” part of the ice out of the ring into a holding area for mining. But if no structure is placed, the ice is still accessible in the ring and at each down time the mine-able section moves 1/8 or 1/12 of the way around the start.

This means it still has to get scanned, it’s still available to everyone without a structure, even if structure is in place there is still a portion moving in the belt (so a power block can’t totally lock it down).

The main benefit is people who can manage to keep the structure have a bit easier/quicker access, but only for a portion of the belt. If they want it all, they have to work like everyone else for the remainder.

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